Retro Radiation King

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on July 19
  • My occupation is Disgraced Editor Trying To Move On
  • Retro Radiation King


    Okay, so you know rule number one on the Internet is to never give out your true details on websites like these. I follow this rule and as a result, it has hurt my reputation. So here we go (making a few very broad for peace of mind) here are my details

    Name: Just stick to calling me Vinny

    Work Industry: A place that serves food

    Age: 16

    Location: It has always been Australia but never Canberra. I live in a suburb outside Brisbane, but i frequent friend's homes in other areas frequently

    You see i'm only a teen and i'm terrified of Internet predators etc etc so i made up my persona. So from now on, even if i only come in once a year (i don't edit much any more cos i'm lazy) this is who i am, also i have a new laptop and the I.P address i…

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  • Retro Radiation King


    January 26, 2013 by Retro Radiation King


    I'd just like to address to people that when you call people stupid or blatantly insult them for liking the Enclave (or any other faction for that matter) it is not allowed. It is rude and completely uncalled for. Just as you love your favourite thing, you have a reason for it. Eden2012, me and many other Enclave lovers on this wiki love the Enclave for our reasons. So when you insult us about it, either don't or prepare for a barrage of reasons why we believe the Enclave are great and why you shouldn't insult us. I have made a blog a while ago about why I believe the Enclave are the good guys and not baddies.

    It goes with everyone else who loves a certain faction, just accept it don't argue the point. It's rude and unnecessary and is…

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  • Retro Radiation King

    The words ban, apology, actions, and bad doings are thrown around all the time. Some things are downright horrible and others you pass away all the time. Apologies can be sincere or just pathetic. I can admit, i have done some bad things in my life and i have given some crap apologies.

    I would like however, to turn your attention to the day where i almost destroyed my chance to be here. When Dead Gunner (or anyone who deserves it) ran for mod, i couldn't be happier. However, i had a bad feeling in my waters. After a lot of thinking, i committed an act so heinous, i could of been perma banned. At the time, it sounded like a good idea and was always meant for good intentions. I thought i had gotten away with it, but i didn't.

    What i did to Dea…

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  • Retro Radiation King

    Why, i believe the Enclave aren't bad, but instead good.

    In FO2, the Enclave were isolated on their rig since a couple of months before the great war, it is now 2241, meaning they've been on their rig for 164 years. If you spend a week in your house without collecting intel from outside, you won't know what's happening, you mix that with 164 years of isolation and brain washing of the Enclave are the saviour propaganda, you will believe what you're told. Change the house to a rig with 1000 other people, you got yourself an army ready at your command, just like the U.S Army. When they emerged, sure they were a little mean, kidnapping Arroyo and Vault 13 but i can think of a few bad things the government before them did, maybe the forced mili…

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  • Retro Radiation King

    Good Morning All: Hello, i'm Retro Radiation King, i changed my name from Dwellersims, so whenever you see Retro Radiation King, you'll know it's me Dwellersims, please if my old name is seen anywhere could you please let me know so i can change it. I will be temp blocked due to the name change, bit i'll be back. So remember, Retro Radiation King = Dwellersims.

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