With the current and upcoming availabilty of mods on consoles i thought i'd take the chance to talk about them.

I'm happy that Bethesda have made the effort to include mod support for console versions of Fallout 4. It will open up a new chapter to those who haven't played a bethesda game on PC before. However there will be limits to what can be done on consoles and the users still won't get to experience everything the modding community has to offer. That's just my opinion, i play on both PC and console, no master race here!

The nature of consoles means that they come with a standard harware set and are hard to (officially) upgrade. There is a limit to what developers can do with their games and they work on one option as opposed to making several to fit user specs. This means that in an ideal world games would be made the best they can for the console specs. In reality however this doesn't always happen.

This leads me on to the implementation of mods on consoles. The main type of mod i think will be difficult to implement is graphical. i'm not saying i dislike the look of Fallout 4 but it could do with some improvements. As mentioned before, games are generally made to the specs and leave little room for change. As a result while it may be possible to alter things, i doubt there will be a large difference in quality. The altering of animation and such things is in a similiar boat to graphical mods.

Ultimately mods on consoles are still in early days and what i have said is specualtion. Time will tell how well they work and how the experience compares to that of PC modding.
This is only a short post but please do vote in the poll below and let others know your thoughts on console mods!


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