Slightly different to the last one so bare with me!

Song of the day

Budgie - Breadfan
While not one of the 'big' bands, they have made many great songs and i'd highly recommend them.


The main focus today is on fallout 4 weather and environment mods. Depite being set after a nuclear exchange a certain weather type is noticeably missing from the game, winter. As somebody who often enjoys a good roleplaying sesion it is a shame for me to see a lack of winter and the weather it brings such as snow. It would add a new feel to the game and make it possible to introduce ceratin seasonal additions, while i could only provide boaring suggestions i encourage you to add your in the comments. The one think i think would be fun is animal tracks left in the snow. It would add something to the stealth approach and help with finding and eliminating target. Wheteher this would be easy done i am unaware but i hope that it happens sooner or later.

That's it for this blog, i promise to itroduce a longer, more organised, blog next time.
Happy editing!