Ok, so with lonesome road out and the Gun Runners' Arsenal and Courier's Stash coming out tomorrow, I will be starting a new game with 1 goal: To try and collect everything in the game! Not just the unique weapons/armor and stuff but every misc. item, consumable, holodisks, notes, etc. you name it and i want to have it! Now, depending on how I will play this and with all the dlc's and all the different outcomes there are in them, this will take a nice long time. Which, for all i am concerned, is fine with me!

I just want to be able to say that I got everything..well, yeah, with the Wild Wasteland perk and with certain perks creating different things (e.g Them's Good Eatin'), I probably will not get EVERYTHING but you all know what i'm sayin'. I tried this like, a year ago. After 200hrs of playing, i missed a ton of things. All things considering, that playthrough's character I made, sucked, hehe.
I'm sure i won't be the only one doing this so what is your opinion on this?
Will you, whoever you are be doing this?
Or am I just nut ball?!

Lemme know!

Keep in mind:

I'm doing this for the fun and for the excitement of trying to do it!

Vegas Skyline

There she is, in all her glory

Oh! almost forgot..I also want to try and complete every in-game challenge whether or not it comes with a perk..that will take a loooong time!