After playing Fallout 3 again I realize what makes it better than NV..Other than the awesome and funny RANDOM ENCOUNTERS that are totally gone from New Vegas (Wild Wasteland Perk adds things, but they aren't random).. Not 2min ago I found myself in a battle royal with a ton of super mutant overlords in L'enfant Plaza in F3 and halfway through out of nowhere swoops in a vertibird and yeah, big explosions everywhere and killing and it was f'ing awesome ('cause i lived...).

But I Digress...

Whenever you enter a new building/house/area in F3, you can find rare or awesome items (i.e. skill books, weapons, Nuka Quantum, etc...) pretty much anywhere! I mean, when you enter a house in F3 how can you not look under every bed, check on top of lights, in pails on shelves, or look in the toilets for ANYTHING! And what makes it great is the fact that most of the time YOU DO find something! Sometimes crud, sometimes "hell yeah!" you know?! The developers took there time, at least in my eye, to meticulously do this for us! There isn't that desire in NV to be that thorough when you enter a new place.

Don't get me wrong! I love New Vegas, and what i just wrote is, in my opinion a huge disparity between the two and it makes F3 a better game!!

Side Note
  • Almost all notes found in Fallout 3 are audio logs, you can here emotion. Maybe 15% of notes found in NV are audio....