"Limes Are Like Lemons Only Limeier"

"The Better You Look The More You See."

Take the leap... enjoy a Quantum!

Radscorpion Bites,
my foot in the box canyon.
Ow,ow,ow,ow... ow.

Her hair stands tall, like the spiky bits on a Deathclaw
Her eyes are bright as radioactive sludge, glowing with the light of love
But when i talk to her, she laughs and mocks and has her brothers beat me
Oh, why do nice girls hate me?

"It Was easy, man. They were going door to door asking if anyone knew any scientists. I said look no further.
They asked me if i knew anything about power plants. I said as much as anyone I'd ever met.
They asked me how well i understood theoretical physics. I said i had a theoretical degree in physics. They said welcome aboard."'

♣ "If the Mutants get you, come back and haunt me."

Communism is the very definition of failure. - Liberty Prime

"Funny how I make caps every time I open my mouth." - Sweetie


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