I heard all the rumors of how there might be as much as 9 dlc's for NV, which i never believed, but i was hoping there would at least be one more after the lonesome road. But after playing old world blues and dead money, i don't see them making a 5th dlc. All the notes, holodiscs, computer logs all hint (strongly) that "it will all come to an end" when the courier can go home alone (paraphrasing). They all kinda say in some part to taking the long road home, having to do it alone, a final confrontation, etc. Its obvious that in the lonesome road, you meet up with Ulyssus (finally!) and you guys figure out whats next between the two of you and for the mojave. Lets also assume a bunch of old npc's will be there like that mute christine. who knows. what i do know is, unless obsidian can figure out how to end the main story in main game and allowing you to free roam like they did in F3, this will def. be the last dlc! *tear* PS: I have a feeling the lonesome road will have NCR and legion in it.. just a hunch, which would be kinda sucky since in my main playthrough they both hate my guts.. eek!