Fallout: World Eater is an P&P RPG I've been working on for several years. It is currently in it's second play through (that is: I've run this game with two different parties now), and it's not too bad.

My reason for starting this page is simple. I've used this wiki extensively for years in an effort to keep my game as close to cannon as possible, and in the process I've come up with some pretty decent ideas. Also, I'm hoping that as I describe the campaign and story arcs I've created that maybe readers will help me come up with new ones.

Originally I chose Colorado as the setting for World Eater because thus far there were no games that took place there so I thought I would have a lot of room to play around in without effecting cannon (see the irony?), but low and behold I discovered from this wiki Project: Van Buren. I have used a great deal of that information with minor adjustments (as you will see).

Oh! Many of the characters and factions I created for my game are not-too-subtle references to other aspects of Nerdom (such as the title), the players tend to enjoy these so beware.

PS. I have never edited a wiki so sorry for my ignorance in that regard.