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  • Draevan13

    Help with Fallout 3 Mods.

    December 4, 2013 by Draevan13

    So I rather than get an XboxOne, I got a gaming computer and started modding away with my Bethesda games. Oblivion worked well, but once I got to Fallout 3 I was stumped. The Mod Manager doesn't work half the time, and manual install has the same problem even when I follow the installation instructions to the letter and the Nexus Mod Manager only lets me download the mods, not install them. Now, I have Wrye Bash for Oblivion and it performs seamlessly. But whenever I try the Fallout equivalent, Wrye Flash, it just won't launch. No error message, nothing. The bug report says "Python not found." All right, so I download the suggested Python, but it still won't run. The bug report now says "Syntax Error" for Python. Does anyone on this Wiki u…

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