Hey all, Doc Incognito here.

The logo vote may be over, but the level of disorganization in this blog post, as well as its lack of my final final submissions, has been irking me, so here I am to repost the appropriate assets.

The list of people to whom I owe thanks, however, still stands:

  • Yes-Man, who's been instrumental in helping me bring these images to you.
  • Agent c
  • Jspoel
  • Sirota
  • BusinessMonkey
  • Gunny
  • Everyone who offered advice on the logo forum page
  • freestock on DeviantArt, for the stock metal texture
  • hatestock on DeviantArt, for the stock rust texture

Enjoy the massive airdrop of mostly red art, everyone! Signature Image- PNG1- DocUser Avatar talk 01:50, January 28, 2012 (UTC)

NukaPedia Banner PNG12- Rusted

The banner, with an additional layer of rust.

NukaPedia Background White Metal JPG5- Rusted

The rusted metal background. The white space represents where the wiki body would go.

NukaPedia Favicon- Squiggle PNG2
NukaPedia Favicon- N with Red Background PNG2
NukaPedia Background PNG3

A vending machine. I originally intended this to be a background, but it was far too distracting for that purpose.