"I was out for a stroll that night when I heard the commotion up at the old bone orchard. I took ya to the Doc right away." He said. "Thank you Victor." I said.

Barton Thorn was dead. He lied about his daughter. He just wanted the treasure for himself. There were geckos. Too many! Victor came about and killed them. "Thank you Victor." I said.

I finally made it to Novac. I had to find them men who attempted to kill me. As I walked around town, I saw a familiar face. "Hello Victor. Crazy seein'you here. Why are you all the way out here?" I asked. "Why, I'm on my way to New Vegas." He replied. "Why don't you come with me? I'm going there too." I told him. "It would just slow me down." He said. And I was on my way.

I made it to The Strip. Bright lights, casinos, everything! Someone caught my eye. Guess who it was. No, not Santa! Victor! He said Mr. House had some business to discuss with me. I said ok and entered the Lucky 38.

The End.