Hey all!

I wanted to take this time, and make my first blog post, about something completely unexpected. Maps.

Despite already uploading most of both gameworlds to the new Wikia Maps, the reason I'm making this blog, is because I just finished another update to my favorite contribution here. Namely, the Non-Wikia Capital Wasteland and Mojave Wasteland maps that are hosted on my site. The really cool thing is, just recently, those same maps were embedded here on the Fallout 3 and [Vegas] map pages.

Now, originally - the best thing about these particular maps, was that not being hindered by Wikia's size limits, they're significantly larger. But that advantage can only carry it so far. So, over the past couple of weeks, I've been adding more features to address that. Before the latest update, the following features were added.

  • Marker tooltips that appear under the marker upon moving the pointer over them
  • A collapsible filter menu to hide all, or individual marker types
  • Popups that appear when clicking on a marker - showing the infobox image and brief blurb, that automatically updates on open.
  • Various game and site influenced styling additions. Interface is heavily influenced by the pip-boy, while header, and popup styling is influenced by Nukapedia's style.

With today's update, a few more useful features have been added.

  • Small worldspace areas that can't simply be blended in with the main map (i.e. Strip, DC areas) will now have their space on the world map, represented by a semi-transparent rectangle.
  • Clicking on said rectangle, will bring up a larger popup, showing that area as a map, complete with map markers denoting the travel locations in that area.

And that, barring any bugfixes or simple features, pretty much draws phase one to a close. At this point, they're probably the most useful maps that exist for the game, and that's good enough in my opinion, to give me a chance to plan out something that will be the most useful maps that can exist for a game wiki.

And with that, I think I've gone on long enough. If you have any questions, opinions, or other feedback, please feel free to drop something in the comments. I'll close with the maps themselves.