Well, first off - I'm kinda sorta back. After licking my Wikia induced wounds, and handling a whole truckload of personal crap, I at least have some time to devote to projects. Since there's some unfinished business here, as well as a new thing that's presented itself - I figured I might as well spend that time on these projects.

So first off comes the "new thing". Due to the ever wise and intelligent decisions by our glorious overlords, they've decided to cut their losses on their maps extension, while also making it impossible to embed additional outside maps. Outside, in this case, refers to the maps hosted on my site. In our supreme masters' words - we are to "find a solution" using JavaScript. So "we" in this case, I guess, means me.

Now, don't get me wrong - this is gonna be fun. But it's also going to take a fair bit of prep-work. I mean, the maps on my site were designed to be basically for display. Whether you view them on my site, or while embedded in the wiki, there wasn't a lot you could do with them, other than look at them. So everything had to be self-contained. You needed tooltips - with data actually pulled from the wiki by my site, you needed filters on some kind of slide out menu, and the markers were set in stone.

On the development side, I kinda just phoned it in - because I could. There was no need for any real organization or efficient code design. I only had to deal with two maps at the time, so it was just a matter of copy and pasting the same files, only modifying them to reflect the different data, map tiles, and style. The same thing happened when it came to Fallout 4 maps - but now, if I'm going to have a reason to write new code, when I already know I'm going to be doing it for several maps, it's time to do things the right way.

Last but not least - the Capital Wasteland and Mojave Wasteland maps were created three years ago - with resolution compromised by Photoshop trying to run on 4gb of RAM and dwindling hard drive space. Issues that were solved prior to Fallout 4 - where the much higher resolution (4x!)makes that apparent. So getting those maps up to par, is also something that needs to be done, in addition to whatever maps I uploaded via Wikia's Maps extension.