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    Map Rambling

    April 24, 2017 by Digital Utopia

    Well, first off - I'm kinda sorta back. After licking my Wikia induced wounds, and handling a whole truckload of personal crap, I at least have some time to devote to projects. Since there's some unfinished business here, as well as a new thing that's presented itself - I figured I might as well spend that time on these projects.

    So first off comes the "new thing". Due to the ever wise and intelligent decisions by our glorious overlords, they've decided to cut their losses on their maps extension, while also making it impossible to embed additional outside maps. Outside, in this case, refers to the maps hosted on my site. In our supreme masters' words - we are to "find a solution" using JavaScript. So "we" in this case, I guess, means me.


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  • Digital Utopia

    I wanted to put this into a blog post, to summarize the current state of the project, without having to force people to dig through a huge wall of updates, since I first created that forum thread a month ago. In addition, I'd like to talk a bit about what's in store for the upcoming update, and plans for the future with this project. Obviously, since it isn't live, here yet, the viewer I speak of is the one currently on my test site.

    At the time of writing this, the viewer itself is completely integrated into the wiki, making use of a drop-down menu/button. This button appears immediately below the main infobox image, with the text "View in 3D" (once data has been loaded). Clicking, or choosing an option from the menu, will result in a pop…

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    Hey all!

    I wanted to take this time, and make my first blog post, about something completely unexpected. Maps.

    Despite already uploading most of both gameworlds to the new Wikia Maps, the reason I'm making this blog, is because I just finished another update to my favorite contribution here. Namely, the Non-Wikia Capital Wasteland and Mojave Wasteland maps that are hosted on my site. The really cool thing is, just recently, those same maps were embedded here on the Fallout 3 and [Vegas] map pages.

    Now, originally - the best thing about these particular maps, was that not being hindered by Wikia's size limits, they're significantly larger. But that advantage can only carry it so far. So, over the past couple of weeks, I've been adding more feat…

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