When i was in vault 21 i found this on a terminal, here is what it said Here is my story: I used to be an enclave member at raven rock. I always knew that everything they taght us was bullshit, i could tell. Every night i would sneak out and look at people helping each other or fighting. As soon as a man got carried in here by colonel Autumn, only then did i know for sure that everything i was "taught" about america was wrong.I found out by talking to this man he was a good man, he helped countless people i wanted to be just like him. I fled Raven rock before the man convinced Eden to self destruct, all i had was my old uniform and some clothes the man was going to sell i knew if anyone saw me in enclave armor i would be dead. I also had a special plasma pistol i made, more powerful than any other. I left to a place called the Mojave, I soon found a suit at a casino at a place called vault 21. I made friends easily, I net Alex a great repair woman and fine looking girl, Miguel and Giovanni two brothers that used to be NCR 1st recon, Luis a great medic, and finally Jose the only guy who could ever talk merchants into great deals.When a courier killed the fiend's leaders, my friends any I knew they were weak, we all got our guns and went hunting. After we were done Alex would fix the guns and armor, and then we would sell the ones we didn't need. and with Jose's charm we all got combat armor. After a week we bought some dogs, and a headquarters we made our own mercenary crew. Now things couldn't be better I bought a plasma caster and god a mod for it, my friends all have either hunting rifles fully modded or light machine guns. When we encountered the Courier we all gave him caps for helping us get our start, he refused and said thank you and left. I've married Alex and had a kid, now i just hope my bad past will never come to haunt me.I didn't actually find this i just said that. so don't comment on this as being fake.