Have you ever sat down and thought dark wishful thoughts? Thoughts centering mostly on wishing you could change the way the world worked? I did, and the way I see it, if I can do it, you can too.I was sitting in a bar far away from New Jerusalem. For those of you who haven't had a formal education; that was the capitol city of the nation America. America was founded on blood, slavery of other religions and races, and genocide. The last reason is the one that gave America the title "The nation of no forgiveness", despite what their national religion was. When the Catholics started arriving on the American shores, they thought they had arrived at another country. The man behind the entire expedition was there supposedly looking for spices, but he found what he was really after almost immediately. The people there had accessories of gold, which made Christopher Columbus, the man in charge, ask where did they get the gold from. The native people did not understand what Christopher was asking, no matter how many languages they asked in. The natives also started worshiping Christopher, because their advances in technology were years and years ahead of the original Americans. Christopher was enraged by this, telling the natives that he was not God, and that he should not be worshiped. The Americans did not understand Christopher, and when they kept worshiping and not telling him where their gold was from, Christopher he started murdering the natives. In the end, Christopher took the remaining tribals as slaves.

When it was confirmed that they did not know where they were or what land this was, Christopher realized that this land had been unexplored by Europeans. Christopher took this opportunity to hatch a plan. Christopher told the powerful religious leaders in Spain about the horrible people the Natives were. They had supposedly used black magic to communicate with false gods. Christopher started an inquisition against the natives and had the equipment and manpower to do as he pleased. Many years after he landed in America, Christopher declared himself king, and started the massacre of the tribals. The tribals' magi consisted of healers, and few wizards. With no advances in either magic or science, the tribals were eventually reduced to a few thousand slaves.

I was a peasant in the middle of the inquisition. I was getting out of my teenage years, and making a living was a lot easier than you would have thought. I was born a Warden. Wardens are an anti-magi. Me and other Wardens can absorb magic, so people like me were revered in the Inquisition. The Natives' magic didn't stand a chance when a Warden was leading the charge. When magic is targeted at us, we absorb a majority of the damage; after we have a certain amount in us, we can unleash an antithesis the magic we absorb, making executing rogue wizards, sorcerers, and especially warlocks an easy task. Anybody who can use magic in one way or another live for decades or even centuries longer, depending on how skilled we are at our trade.