I say we get the fallout 3 character to be a woman and the fallout new vegas courier to be a man, here's the narrator telling the story i'm gonna start off with fo3, then fonv, and my usual choices for the game; The vault dweller from vault 101 fair and even handed as she was became the brotherhood's elder. She traveled to the land once known as England , with star paladin cross, and Fawkes who refused to leave he because of the debt he owed her. Charon however became a part of Reilly's rangers. she then met a courier there, and swapped stories, settled down and both began working on the problems there. FONV; The courier, who had worked for the NCR and brotherhood, and defeated Ulysses, took on an NCR mission to work across the seas he took his lifelong friends veronica who had found her long lost love christine knew if it wasn't for the courier she would have died. He also had Raul who knew England was in bad shape decided it would be best if he went along. He eventually found a woman from Washington D.C, who had as much experience as he did learned about and from each other. The first thing they did was reunite the brotherhood, making it stronger than ever in the wasteland and the Mojave. The two had a child and taught Him\Her everything they knew, this child would be the smartest toughest most ideal ruler of the NCR ever. The way this would work is if we could bring 2 complete files from the both fallouts, or ifthe person doesn't have one the result would be to have to choose the paths the two players would have been in. Based on the comments from last time here's the thing the older companions would be at the beginning and end of the game, i'm not trying to re-use them the idea is to give everyone some more closure on older companions. Yes i admit the reputation system was better but should be reflected, in at least a small way into the game, whether we like it or not good and evil will always be at war, in every bodies life especially the life of a wastelander there would be some choice between thinking about yourself or others. if there are any questions just ask and i'll answer.