50 Vault-Tec C.E.O.
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That vault is one of the phases of hell.— Denis Ruiz


The residents of this vault are women turned to ghouls due to the radiation coming from the reactor broken during the fight for the one man in the vault. The fight ended up killing the man, and then the women rioted for two days. A long while after the ghoulification, the residents decided to open the vault door. Outside this vault was a nest of Wanamingos. The nest swarmed the ghouls, and they all fled to the back of the vault. In this vault, Wanamingos swarm the vault, mutated by the radiation into horrible forms.


Vault69 is east of Navarro and slightly northwest of EPA The vault is below a gas station named Gas n' Go.


The layout of vault 69 is mostly made up if a living quarters. Beyond the entrance only lies an atruim. Left of the atruim is a cafeteria. Right is the living quarters, which connects to the overseer's office.


The atrium is a two story square room filled with wanamingos. The first story consists a projector made for schooling the (if any) children, and for entertainment. The second story has the infirmary and a recreational area.


The cafeteria is a room filled with tables and chairs. It is filled with Maize and dirty water.

Living quarters

The living quarters is fifty one rooms filled with multiple beds. The room for the one man has one bed and has a lot of space for storage. The overseer's office is at the end of the quarters. The office has one terminal that holds the status of every resident and all the equipment, along with a "Unlock armory" option. The overseer's room is filled with the toughest wanamingos. These wanamingos have mutated and spit acid or fire at their opponents. Their skin is tougher than deathclaw skin. The armory is the second biggest room in the vault. It is one bif rectangular room filled with three huge shelves stocked with weapons. This armory has it's own generators. It is protecting the biggest amount of weapons ever had in a vault. The weapons range to simple laser pistols, to the high tech plasma grenades. The armory has enough weapons for an army that will end up making even the New California Republic tremble.

Vault experiment

The vault's experiment was to put 999 women in the vault while only putting one male; The women were all chosen because they were heavy believers in the catholic faith. They were given instructions to all mate with the one male, having no marriage, and having everything be professional as part of the vault's experiment to see whether humanity would give up their faith to make humanity live on. The women ended up creating a riot for the male and he ended up dying as a result. After that the women became more enraged because they had lost the chance at becoming mothers and caring for a man, like their faith said they should.


  • Lucy, the overseer
  • Wanamingos
  • feral ghouls
  • 23 ghoul residents