FO:a Challenge two: Karrin Murphy.

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The thing we need to survive is locked up in a vault nobody can reach, and no matter how much we try we can't get it to open. You're our only hope.

— Karrin Murphy


Karrin was the security officer back in the bunker where relinquish's citizens came from. She was known for having an iron fist, but never used it unless she needed to. Her people skills led to her becoming the leader of the bunker, and she is the one who decided to let the bunker's residence go outside and make a town.


Relinquishing hope: Karrin needs help destroying the floaters and coyotes that threaten her town. She also needs plastic explosives to destroy the vault door to the armory. Karrin reveals her guilt to creating the town and begs the Vault Dweller to help her.

Find the Water Chip: Karrin will give you the rope after you help her town. She will also tell you she thinks there is a water chip in Vault 15


  • Karrin Murphy is a reference to a character[1] from The Dresden Files of the same name.

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