FO:A challenge 2: Waldo Butters

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50 Vault-Tec C.E.O.
This page is a part of the Fallout: The Apprentice contest. It should not be confused with in game content

I prefer dead people. They don't bleed and hurt if you have to do something painful to help them

— Waldo


Waldo Butters is the undertaker and doctor for relinquish. He had a very keen interest in helping people when he was a child. He learned how to be a doctor when the doctor they had at the bunker was getting old, he decided to apprentice Butters. When the undertaker died, Waldo immediately asked to be taught how to do that instead. Butters prefers dead people saying "They don't bleed and hurt if you have to do something painful to help them."

Daily Schedule

Waldo Butters in mostly in his small building where he does his undertaker job and will heal the player for ten caps.


  • Waldo Butters is a reference to a character for the Dresden Files of the same name.[1]

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