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Relinquish is a small town in Fallout. Relinquish is mostly made up of an old police station and three surrounding buildings with fences on the outskirts of the town. It started as one of the first towns ever created, being made up of survivors from a custom built bunker that was made by a forgotten millionaire before the war. The location of the bunker is not remembered by the residents, but search parties are made after the Vault Dweller helps the town.


Relinquish is found south-west of the Military Base and north-west of the Brotherhood of Steel.

Problems facing Relinquish

Relinquish is plagued by many problems. There are is a den and a nest around the town; Home to Floaters, and to a band of Coyotes. These two combined make the town dangerous for merchants to travel to, so supplies are sparse in Relinquish. The town has enough people to defend it, but they do not have the caps to buy weapons. The police station itself is where most citizens sleep. It has an armory that has not been opened since the war because of a lock none of the townspeople know how to break open, much less pick.

After helping the town.

After the Vault Dweller helps the town, there will be merchants traveling to and around the town. Also with the quest completed will also make security patrols protecting the town and looking for the old bunker they originated from.

Police station

The small police station in the middle of town is the most important building in town. The holding cells are being used as places for the citizens to sleep. while the front desk is mostly just a meeting spot and the spot for the one terminal. The armory is only allowed to be entered once, when the Vault Dweller goes in and places the plastic explosives to unlock the armory door.

Buttter's building

Butter's building has three rooms. One for Waldo to sleep, and two others for him to do his two jobs. His room has a desk and a bedroom; It is mostly undercoated due to Butters working most of the time. The undertaking room is locked, while you can see butters in his doctor's office.

Security building

The security building remains locked until relinquishing hope is finished. There are two rooms that contain a lot of the guards for the town.