After our deal with the super mutants, we decided to do our research. The first week was fine, we were having a lot of our scientists come up with plausible sounding theories concerning the super mutant lifespan, but as my father said so, "no good deed goes unpunished." He was absolutely true, as soon as we got a good base over at an airport around an old NCR base, the courier dropped by with seven securitrons, three brotherhood paladins, and two boomers. He came demanding why he kept hearing why we were killing wastelanders, and spreading propaganda concerning our evil intentions. I immediately gave him all of our reports since we entered the Mojave, and assured him that all we wanted was peace now. The courier's face suddenly look very confused. We unpacked our stored radio equipment and started listening to this radio that was proposing to be us. As we found out, the courier was half right; An old part of the enclave apparently survived some thing back in d.c and had reestablished themselves near an old NCR station called Bravo. The man speaking of the atrocities was named Alan Morgan; he spoke about killing ghouls, tried to sugarcoat our old crimes, and just said things that were what had broken us up years ago. We remembered how we used to do our deeds. After our civil war we lost a ton of equipment, weapons, robots, and much more, so we asked some factions if they could accompany us to take out the base. The boomers wouldn't go but said they could just blow the whole thing, but we declined because we needed the tech that was certainly going to be held there. The mutants at jacobstown agreed to send a couple of guards that had been around that area before. The courier gave us some sentry bots that he had been restoring and using for small jobs. The brotherhood and followers of the Apocalypse wouldn't even speak to us. With our minor amount of help, I set out into the mojave with two squads and went on our mission. You're probably skeptical of whether I actually went or not, but that's just how spread thin we were. After three days we were settled in the NCR ranger base,saddling up for our mini war. The whole place was cleaned out of everything useful. I didn't know if the rangers took it with them when they left or if the old enclave came and took anything they deemed good. I can't explain how nervous and scared I was, I still hadn't (and haven't) forgiven myself for all the innocents I was forced to kill; after I had time to think, I looked for and eventually joined the rebellion that had formed in the enclave. I remember the moment I opened the door to the outside; It was five a.m., and as soon as I opened the door, light flooded into my eyesight. I stepped outside, took a deep breath, and said a small prayer, then headed to what I thought was certain death.

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