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I can't believe I've done it. Obviously I had help from my solders, and other staff members, but it's all finally gonna go in the right direction. Well, if I want to make this damn history book I've got to put all my spare time into it. I was elected president easily enough, people saw that I was a reasonable enough choice. As soon as I won the election I chose to do little for celebration, I have heard the tales of a courier being the reason for the strip being ruled by that weird looking yes-man character, introducing followers to the the pre-war scientists in big mountain, the reason that the sierra madre rumors were confirmed causing the destruction of the entrance, the reason that Zion is now safe from the murderous tribals, and the reason that the divide is now being a route that only the stupid inexperienced, or legendary hunters use; so I got some scouts looking for this mysterious man. The scouts did find him eventually, but he refused our offers of money, power, and luxury we told him he would receive. He told me, the person he specifically asked for, "I have heard the stories from some of your old members, I will not work for you, and if you think you can kill me for refusing, remember all those robots that I have backing me." We told him we heard all the stories about our past as well, but after a small civil war we managed to get our priorities in order. He said responded "If that's true remember that actions speak louder than words. Prove it to me and I'll ally myself with you." As a sign of good faith, we gave him ten of our lower-ranked solders to spread across the mojave to patrol dangerous areas. We said our thank you's and goodbyes, and the day went pretty much better than expected. We had heard about intelligent super mutants made a city, so we sent an ambassador to the city. We set up a meeting with the mayor, Marcus. Marcus wanted to know why we contacted him in the first place. We said that we created some of his species in the first place and wanted to coexist with each other. After hours of bargaining and such, we agreed to start on giving the mutants weapons for their security, in exchange for all the knowledge they had about themselves, and a few test subjects that were willing to comply. That was the first step in our rebirth, little did we know what lied ahead. For all the chapters currently out go to