You'd think that your fourteenth birthday would be one of the days you'll remember as the best day of the year right? I mean I know I can't be the only kid in the world whose birthday turned into a shitstorm right? Well I guess I better let you be the judge of how bad my birthday turned out... I woke up faster than any other day, but that I mean the second I regained consciousness I opened my eyes and went to the bathroom. Half an hour later I was heading downstairs ready to start the day. The second I saw my dad Joshua, he said “Hey there's the birthday boy! You ready for the trip?” “Yeah, is Angela (my mom) at work yet?” You might be wondering why I call my parents by their names. They both think it's easier getting along with your kids if they call you by your name. “Yeah, we'll see her in a while. Hey Megan, why are you not talking; usually it takes a staple gun to shut you up.” Megan, my best friend since before I was a wimp everybody picked on answered with “At least I'm not just a big ball of muscle that has to use inaccurate weapons like light machine guns, Josh.” Megan winked at me and said “Hey Damian, tell me again who the hell your parents got us a fieldtrip to the area 51. I mean the place had been the source of conspiracy theories for years. Hell even after great war the damn thing is still standing.” “We were one of the four families, what did you expect?” The four families were the ones who turned the tide during the great war. The only reason it isn't called the civil war is because there has never been another like it. Describing the great war isn't easy; most people use comparisons to do it. Imagine a place like chicago Illinois back in 2020; now instead of gangs on every block change it to factions in every state, and instead of idiotic civilians with nothing but someone's small-time illegal guns, switch that into hundreds of men with weapons raided from the military bases, police stations, and gun clubs in every state. Most of the factions were just protecting their turf, but some of the most powerful were the gangs in the state either combined or dominated. Others were led by veterans from the U.S. Army. One faction was the russian mafia; they decided that America would have been easier to lord over than a country that was finally working on their military capabilities again, so they all took some of the best men and weapons they had and strong-armed an entire freaking airport to go to America. Then there was the faction that my family joined. It was a army built on the rebuilt green beret training, which resulted in with some of the best gorilla fighting you've ever seen. They would've been a force that could've taken easily taken over the hells angel's territory if they were in any other state, but Nevada’s police and swat weren't as big as other states, and they also didn't have civilians that were willing to fight either. That all changed when my family, a group of young and middle aged green berets joined the army, including three other families with skills and items that benefited the army. The Blake family gave the army some new ways to make mortars and bombs, so sieges were a lot easier on the army. The gates family owned a couple of factories that were filled with weapons, they also taught the soldiers how to do daily maintenance on their weapons, so weapon jams decreased. The Ramers were easily the smartest in battle. They weren't the best at fighting, but their tactics could have brought down an army led by Ender Wiggin himself (if he wasn't just a novel character.) My family, the Rodriguez family are just about the best soldiers you could ever find. We're quick thinkers, our hands are steady, and we own a helicopter factory. Anyway, enough of the history lesson; this is about my birthday. The three of us were in the car going to The school of the four families (S.F.F for short.) The school was made by well, the four families; The school is intended to make the children attending the smartest, and the best soldiers in the country. There were only four schools (go figure) there was the one I'm attending in California, there's one in Illinois, one in Texas, and last and definitely agreed upon on least, one in new york. These schools were for the rich, the remnants of the four families, and the kids who are smart enough for scholarships. Nobody in S.F.F does bad in school, or at least not for long. Getting a B is looked at a sign being out of your element for the day. Everyone was also at their normal weight, since the training period always left you sweating your nuts off, and had your limbs feeling like they were one silk string short of falling off. Hell that's coming from me, the adolescent ranked 1st in the S.F.F's records.