aka Billy Mund

  • I live in Town
  • I was born on December 21
  • My occupation is A Butcher
  • I am A Man
  • DeltaLegio


    March 30, 2012 by DeltaLegio

    I traveled to dead wind caverns here a while back and killed the deathclaws for mercy... Well I equipped it and walked outside (with an explosives skill of 75) and went hunting for the blind deathclaw in primm pass... snuk up on it and firing mercy and backpeddeling untill I was out of ammo... 50 shots, just under half health... can anyone explain why this may be?

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  • DeltaLegio


    February 27, 2012 by DeltaLegio

    Does it frusturate anyone else that boone is the only companion that will wear the prostitute armor? He will have NCR combat armor and still put on the prostitute outfit... i whent through ALL the trouble of killing gamorah only to find out no one wears it... But me (gives evil smirk)

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