aka The Italian Slavic Jew

  • I live in Bronx, NYC, US (duh), Earth (even more duh), Milky Way galaxy (are you really that oblivious?), whichever universe we are in (I give up!)
  • I was born on February 1
  • My occupation is Part-time heisting, general badassery.
  • I am Totally not drunk
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    Fallout 3/ New Vegas

    Assault Rifle: Real life inspiration - HK G3; Evident in - receiver, magazine, forgrip, stock, sights; Changes - Caliber, metal coloration, size, magazine size

    Chinese Assault Rifle - Real life inspiration - RPD, AK series, AN-94; Evident in - reciever (AK), Magazine (AK), Stock (AK/RPD), Muzzle Brake and sights (AN-94), Fore grip (RPD); Changes - caliber, proportions, mag size

    Chinese Pistol - Real life inspiration - Mauser C96 .45 (obviously); Evident in - EVERYTHING; Changes - Caliber (.45 to 10mm), small proportions

    .32 Pistol - Real life inspiration - Welby Mk 4; Evident in - reloading mechanism, grip, barrel; Changes - caliber, slight proportion changes

    Light Machine Gun - Real Life inspiration - M60, FN Minimi/M249 ;…

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