I have played both of bethesda's entries in the Fallout Series and both for me have been relatively fine until I aquired the GOTY/Ultimate Edition Versions. I am a PS3 gamer and have spent many hours researching the problems to actually return the game to a playable state however this does not seem possible and after numerous attemps the only conclusion i can reach is the game is hindered by Corporate Laziness and a disregard for the customers purchasing their software. There is no support for the NV crippling Lonesome road bug, the ultimate edition is worse than the original and totally unpatched as the Dev teams were moved off the project literally days after completion of the ultimate edition. Personally, i believe that Bethesda is responsible in its entirety for the unmittigated failures of an engine they knew to be faulty before they even started and the total disdain they have shown to loyal fans when they basically raised a middle finger and diverted all project assets despite the game clearly being problematic for a good number of the gaming community. I appreciate that it is hard to create such a game and therefore accept the inherent few problems that come with such projects but i find it hard to believe they couldnt be bothered to test the effect of being a high level character at the point of accessing the DLC's and the subsequent ruin it brings on the original map. This is not simply an attempt to bash Bethesda as I have also consulted with several friends who know a fair amount about computer programming and they have explained that it is hard to maintain such a large game and have suggested the removal of permanent location trackers (simplified for me) so objects reset upon each visit could potentially prevent most if not all lag issues. They also suggested using NPC relative spawning where unnamed characters are simulated at random upon travel to a location within a grid reference rather than tracking all NPC's could help also. I am not fully aware of the ins and outs however i believe that unless evidence is provided to the contrary that this is a failing of the company to provide a reasonably checked and debugged product which is a breach of consumer rights and not something that should be allowed. I am seriously considering blacklisting any further games from bethesda so i dont end up with another set of forty pound coffee mats however i would like to first put this to the community and see what the general consensus is as i see no reason not to allow the company another chance if i am proved to be incorrectly informed. Final note - please dont spam this blog with comments either about you have not experienced such bugs and i am an idiot as you are the only person capable of playing the game properly and maintaining your system because it is pathetic and i am not interested. No offence intended to anyone. Futhermore, if you are going to comment on a lack of bugs please suggest reasons why and finally i am simply questioning how a product may be put out in such a condition and asking for any known fixes to be added to the thread so please do not include comments about how i am a 'hater' etc as it is testament to the quality of the game i have tried so hard and am so desperate for it to work. i do not deny its a masterpiece of RPG gaming but it cant be admired if i cant see it or use it. All comments are welcome but please appreciate i am a PS3 gamer and therefore unable to mod. Thanks DeathclawDealer 23:30, May 4, 2012 (UTC)