Mods are user-made additions to the game made using a program called the GECK. No, not the G.E.C.K. The G.E.C.K. (editor) Mods are very popular among Fallout: New Vegas P.C. players, though it is illegal to use them on consoles. This process is known as jailbreaking.

Now I Ask You

PC players, do you like the game with or without mods? Some popular mods you may use are Project Nevada, Monster Mod, or Fallout Overhaul Kit. If you are a PC player wanting to try out some mods, I recommend the following mods for Fallout: New Vegas:

  • Fallout Overhaul Kit
  • Project Nevada
  • Monster Mod
  • Underground Hideout New Vegas

Fallout 3:

  • Mart's Mutant Mod
  • Fallout Wanderer's Edition
  • Raiders Wear Pitt Armor

These mods can be found on the sites New Vegas Nexus and Fallout 3 Nexus.

Personal Opinions

I, myself, use mods and make mods. I think that many of them add a new form of flavor to the game. Many mods that I have made, however, I have not released. Fallout: New Vegas mods I made include:

  • Monster Mod Wasteland Edition
  • D A's Zombie Resource

Your Turn

Post your opinion on the comments. I'd love to know what others think. Vanilla or Modder's Nation? Out or in with the old? Please, tell me.