So I developed a recipe for burritos. it was originally intended to make a large batch to be frozen and then taken to work and reheated for lunch with only a microwave to work with, but nowadays I'm just using it for dinner at home instead.

Utensils needed

  • Large pot (Mine is 2 or 3 gallons). If you have cast iron, use it; this is an ideal recipe for cast iron cookware. Otherwise, use whatever else you may have.
  • Mixing spoon. Don't use weak plastic, use wood, strong plastic, or metal. A combination (such as a slotted spoon with a metal handle and a plastic bowl and grip) is also acceptable.
  • Mixing bowl (optional). If you plan on storing the meat rather than making burritos right away, you'll need a plastic mixing bowl in which to store it. The bowl should have a lid, or you'll need to use plastic wrap to cover it in the fridge.
  • Large colander. Ideally a metal mesh colander, but a metal or plastic colander with holes will work in a pinch, though some tiny chunks of meat will be lost. The colander should be big enough to hold all the meat. Without a colander, your large pot will need a locking strainer lid.
  • Measuring cup


  • 5 lbs ground beef. I recommend prepackaged ground beef with 80/20 or 73/37 fat content. Leaner beef is not recommended.
  • 5 packets of taco seasoning. You can experiment with other types of prepackaged seasoning if you prefer.
  • Water - less than the package recommendations on the taco seasoning. I've found that 11/2 cups to 2 cups works well.
  • Tortillas
  • Shredded cheese, 1 lb should be enough for one batch.
  • Sour cream, guacamole, other toppings as desired


Thaw meat (if frozen) and place into pot. Cook on medium heat until fat is released as grease, stirring as needed. Raise heat if needed, and boil meat in its own grease until at least medium-well done. Drain; if using colander, rinse the meat as well, but if using a pot with a locking strainer lid, just let as much of the grease drain off as possible. You may wish to shake the pot to toss the meat inside.

Once the meat is drained of fat, return it to heat and add the taco seasoning and water. Mix well, and simmer until meat is well done; also, you'll want to try and boil off as much of the water as possible, which is why less water to begin with is generally better.

You can now either use all the meat making burritos and storing them in freezer bags in the freezer, or make a burrito or two to eat right away. Any leftover meat should be transferred to the mixing bowl, covered, and refrigerated.

When making more burritos after storing the meat in the fridge, you can either heat up the meat for the burritos in a separate bowl in the microwave, or make the burritos with cold meat and then heat the burritos in the microwave. You could also take a small pot and heat up the meat on the stove, but the microwave is faster.

The meat can also be used for other Tex-Mex entrees such as enchiladas, tacos, tostadas, etc.