When I trace my IP address, it puts me in Goshen, CA; but that's like a thousand miles (fastest route, 813 miles; shortest trip, 764 miles but it adds an extra 15 minutes to the trip) from where I actually am. Weird, huh? I use Clear for my Internet service provider, and as far as I know they don't have coverage in Goshen, California.

I just did a traceroute to a server here in my city; my packets make a side trip to Nashville before arriving back in town. Some of the earlier hops are reported to be in North Carolina, but I think their location is as inaccurate as my IP's is because they hit Comcast's Denver router before running off to Nashville, then coming back. Also I've tested speeds between that Denver server and the local server here in town, also on Comcast, and it has, at times, pulled 50 megabits.