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The Pious is a group of Glowing one ghoul's in the Empire Wasteland, known to capture humans and convert them into new Glowing One's for their army. They are known to be fanatical and extreme in their encounters with humans and are usually friendly to mutants and ghouls. They have more normal ghouls than Glowing One's in their ranks and most of them are lead by the Glowing One's.

Their *armor* consists of black robes with a hooded head, usually identifiable easily enough in the wasteland, trying to portray themselves as religious figures of some kind. Some of the leaders robes contain power armor tiles to protect against gunfire of sorts.

Bright Brotherhood

A non-feral Glowing One

The Pious tend to use energy based weaponry due to the thought of it using magic to send beams of holy light towards it's enemies. The ghouls tend to take prisoners as often as they can during battle, but will sometimes just kill humans upon sight. They usually capture humans for conversion, as they call it, but sometimes are so extreme as to just kill them for being human.

Most captured humans are converted and either integrated into the Pious or sent out into the wasteland. Some humans don't survive the conversions and some do, but the Pious doesn't really care.


The typical wear of a Pious member

The higher-ups of the Pious are all Glowing One's, and are worshiped as god's among ghouls. Most conversion squads sent out are led by Glowing One's and inhibited by normal ghouls. The Glowing One ghouls usually possess high-end plasma and laser weapons. They also possess robes with bulletproof tiles on the inside to deflect traditional gunfire except for higher caliber rounds.

The Pious are usually venturing near irradiated places, since no one really wants to follow them there, and their daily activities consist of basking in radiation as if it's a god-like material, and praying to the leader of the Pious.


George Asimov was a normal human for a while, he lived a life as a scientist and worked at a nuclear power plant. He was alive during the time of the Great War and was ghoulified by the fallout. He was thought to be dead by his loved ones and friends, and his family died out while he lived as a ghoul, so he left his hometown of Philadelphia and wandered.

He had an actualization and realized that ghouls survive better in the wasteland, and wondered why all humans didn't just try and be like ghouls. He could easily slip into radiation without dying, he wasn't attacked by mutants or feral ghouls.... often, and he was generally avoided by the general populace because they were afraid of infection.

He collected a cult of ghouls after he was seen in a few scuffles around the streets and they followed him near wherever he went. He found out about a vault in New York City that had FEV in it and set out to convert humans as he could.

After recruiting a few doctors to his cause, he found out how to take it a step further and create Glowing One's without compromising one's mind. He succeeded in making himself a Glowing One and he changed his name to The Deity, leader of all the extreme religious ghouls in New York City. If you're a human and see a ghoul in a black robe with an energy weapon, prepare for a tough fight and, if you lose, prepare for conversion.

Your role

You can pick your race in the game I present, so if you are a Ghoul, you will be offered immediate peace. If you are a mutant, you will be slightly bigoted against but accepted. If you are a human, these ghouls will try to capture and/or kill you. You can visit them in their home base if you're brave enough, and they'll take you to the leader. He will accept your help, as a human, and you can come to them for mutant/ghoul conversions. Keep in mind, you can't change back....

If you decide to join the Pious, you will be able to gain:
- A black robe lined with bulletproof tiles
- High-end energy weaponry and max charge ammo
- Ghouls who can accompany you on your travels
- A pheromone that makes feral ghouls and mutants non-hostile

Final remarks

Thank you for reading, this is a work in progress, will add characters soon, and please leave feedback/comments in the comments section. Thanks again, and look for my others.