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The Augury is a New York faction vying for New York to begin a movement of open-mindedness and isolationism, for the most part. The only faction in New York open to all variants of human, yet still the smallest due to their isolation and flight before fight nature, most of their recruits were captured, after The Augury gets word that the person is a good warrior. If they join, they are given power armor training, and access to one of the best armories in the Empire Wastes.

The armor of an Augury member. Note the black armor and red eyes.

The Augury usually spray-paints their armor black and makes the visor red for night and infrared vision, and upgrades the HUD. Augury members tend to go for quality over quantity, with each soldier trained to kill in the field, and equipped with the newest and best armaments, and ready to test in the lab, with a few exceptions.
Scientist Outfit

The typical wear of a tech jockey in the Augury.

The Augury usually have the best of weaponry, armor, and are even rumored to possess combat VR's for training while in a base. They usually possess the newest and best in technology, including quite rare energy weapons and the best in power armor.

The Augury usually operates during nighttime, with very few daytime operations, and operates in packs of two to four. Very rarely, unless taking over a new building, will they move in a large pack.

Leaders are usually identifiable by different markings on the armor, whether tribal designs or more symbols on the armor. The four main leaders use a type of power armor they invented, except for one of the leaders, who can't use it.


The Augury was born out of necessity, brotherhood, and realization of falsehoods. The story begins with High Paladin Virgil, a member of the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel. He is sent to go do research on a ghoul group, that has apparently figured out how to convert humans and normal and feral ghouls into Glowing One's, non feral ones.

Virgil is sent there alone, and sneaks in undetected for quite some time. He is eventually detected when his Stealth Boy wears off, and he is injected with sedative by one of the Glowing One's, and dragged off to the labs.

When he awakens, he discovers Medicus, the head researcher of the ghoul group known as The Pious that Virgil was infiltrating.

Tell me, human, you believe that all ghouls are evil irradiated monsters, yes? How.... how do you feel after being lied to by your own friends?— Medicus

Virgil doesn't speak, but is obviously ticked off at the statement, namely at the Brotherhood of Steel for lying to him. Medicus injects him with a sedative and throws him out of the base.

When Virgil returns home, the Brotherhood of Steel appeared to have captured a mutant, but this mutant is blue.... identified as a nightkin. The Brotherhood says they're keeping it for mutant research. Virgil asks for a few minutes with it, and is given five. During this conversation, Virgil realizes he has been lied to on the subject of mutants as well, they are not evil monsters as he's been told.

Shocked by the lies, in a fit of rage, Virgil rallies recruits from the Brotherhood to help free their mutant captive.

Friends, brothers, fellow soldiers, I ask for your hand. Freedom is something we appreciate much, and hate is something we don't condone around here. You can turn me in, and have me lose my freedom along with the mutant, or you can put your rifle towards something worthwhile...— Virgil

The mutant is freed from his shackles and given a weapon, releasing his inner bloodlust and rage. All of the recruits who helped Virgil and his newfound mutant friend died, and Virgil and the mutant escaped unscathed. After in safety, the mutant identifies himself as Ares, a name he took from history, as did Virgil. The human and mutant needed healing, and they had nowhere safe to be, so Virgil turned to the one person who knew remotely in the area, Medicus.

He and Ares ventured to the base of The Pious, and they were cleared due to Ares being of a mutant, making Virgil only more open to mutants after one possibly saved his life. They track down Medicus, and he agrees to give them aid, as a former doctor, swore to the Hippocratic Oath.

After healing Virgil and Ares, he asks them why they were hurt, with Virgil telling Medicus the tale of Ares being saved, and their escape into wastes. Medicus reveals he never really liked The Pious, and tells how he was captured by The Pious, but he then ended up using them for scientific research, due to their resources able to be used to advance science.

Virgil offers a request to join these two on their ventures, and he accepts.... begrudgingly.

(Here, we have a split, and we have to discuss a thing that happens not too far away, but in a different realm of Medicus, Ares and Virgil.)

The Commonwealth has invented a brand new Android prototype, with a bigger brain and more capabilities, basically, an artificial intelligence of extreme potential. This android, AT-96, was also built to be able to connect with other androids via a neurotransmitter.

Over time, confiscating weapons and deadly things from runaway androids and criminals in the Commonwealth, AT-96 is made aware of the slavery of androids in the Commonwealth, and he doesn't want to stand for it. He hides the weapons and armor in a place where the Commonwealth won't find them, and stores them for later. Eventually, AT-96 arms the same men he confiscated weapons from and turned in, and launches a revolution of androids.

He underestimates the true power of the Commonwealth, and much of the resistance is put down by EMP charges. He re-routes their goal, and chooses to lead a slave convoy out of the Commonwealth. He loses much of the resistance in the battle, but a good amount of highly lethal androids survive the resistance and leave. AT-96 realizes his need for a new name, and looks into history. There was a bible book in which a man led tons of slaves out of the homeland: "Exodus". AT-96 has now become Exodus, and he wanders South until he finds a purpose for him and his rebels.

Eventually, Virgil and his friends come across Exodus and his androids, and they have a chat. Overall, Virgil explains the need for brotherhood and strong bonds in the wasteland, and they could use a sizable army for their goal. Exodus pledges his androids to Virgil's cause, and The Augury has been born.

The crew takes over a building in New York, and operations commence as they recruit and take new buildings for their cause.

Your role

The Augury wants to take control of New York to launch their revolution for sensibility, common sense, and realism. If you choose to help them out, you can get quite a few commodities, including:
-A prototype power armor: T96a power armor
-High-end weapons, customized to fire any type of round
-Access to prototype meds and drugs

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