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The Sons of Liberty are a xenophobic, nationalistic and militaristic faction located on Ellis Island in New York City. As former Enclave members, now outcasts, the named members use tesla armor and the lower-ranked members use advanced power armor Mk II.
FO3 Tesla Power Armor

The Tesla Armor owned by the original deserters

This faction does no recruiting outside of their own ranks, except for the extremely rare vagabond who chooses to help them when they seldom leave Ellis Island.

The higher-ups camp out in the very Statue of Liberty, still standing with a few bumps and scratches, but the Sons are very good snipers, and will usually take out anyone who tries to infiltrate Ellis Island.

The Sons usually possess sniper rifles and laser rifles with scopes, usually sniping any passersby that look like possible threats. The veteran Sons of Liberty usually train the newcomers in sniping and power armor, and all men are used in their small militia.

Sniper rifle

The Sons are all expert sharpshooters, and train sniping regularly

The members are quite indoctrinated, and will not take kindly or openly to any arguments against their philosophy.


The Sons of Liberty was a creation of a cynical person, who believed a group couldn't handle a burden, and that these men could.

Jack Robbins is a former Enclave service-member, who got promoted to the rank of Lieutenant for actions during the invasion of Project Purity and helped evacuate Adams AFB.

When Adams Air Force Base was stricken by an unknown vagabond and the Brotherhood of Steel, Jack was losing hope in the Enclave. He decided to take action for morale, and took off his tesla armor and went into Rivet City like a civilian. He stole the United States Constitution from Abraham Washington and made out fine, and sat in the wasteland for a bit, just staring at the Constitution...

He read it over and over again, and realized how the Enclave wasn't fit for leading new America. Inspired by the Constitution, Jack went to his fellow troopers, respected by them, and took a quite large section of them into New York City to revive America. The troopers were newly inspired and greatly armed and trained, and like such, the soldiers did quite fine in New York City.

When they arrived in New York City, they saw the bruised and scarred Statue of Liberty, and cried at the fact that it was still alive... After they found it, they eliminated the ghouls and mutants from the island, losing a couple of lives yet gaining supplies and weapons for the rest, Ellis Island turned out to be beneficial to the Sons.

Now they occupy the island and the Statue, and bide their time until the tensions are so high that the Sons will leave the island and takeover the city, reviving America as it truly should be, by the Constitution of the United States of America.

Your role

The Sons have no soldiers that frequently leave the island, with how tied their hands are, and they need your help! If you choose to help them, you can obtain a select amount of items:
- A customized sniper rifle, with attachable mods and assorted ammunition
- A set of Enclave Outcast armor, with the Sons of Liberty's emblem on the shoulder.
- A weapon camoflauge they will put on your weapon, Old Glory, your weapon with the US flag design.


Jack Robbins

Jack is a former Enclave war hero, serving in the Project: Purity invasion and Adams Air Force Base evacuation. Jack was in the first vertibird to Project Purity, where he invaded the rotunda with Colonel Autumn himself, who promoted him to Lieutenant for his actions. Jack even survived the treachery of James, and lived alongside Colonel Autumn to help defend the Project.

Jack left Project Purity while the Brotherhood was charging it, and went on a mission to Rivet City to retrieve something he had intel on.

He headed for the history museum in Rivet City, and found the Constitution, taking it while Abraham slept.

Jack couldn't stop reading this document he loved so much, and eventually showed it to his fellow troopers one day. Demoralized by the loss of Project Purity, Jack brought morale back to the troopers, only to have it crushed after the loss of Adams AFB. After the loss of the Air Force Base, Jack led his followers, which he had a lot of, to New York City to revive America in it's purest form.

He took over Ellis Island and lost a few of his followers in the attack, their sacrifice not forgotten, he engraved their names on the Statue, which he lives in now. He does not leave the Statue unless the matter is extremely urgent, and few things are out of his reach.

Behind the scenes

Their name is based on a guerrila group of fighters during the Revolutionary War by the same name, who were the minds behind the Boston Tea Party and many other American attacks during this time period.

Last remarks

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