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Hell's Cartel is a coalition of Raider groups located in New York. They tend to make decisions based on consensus with the leaders of the different Raider groups, but the leader of Hell's Cartel, a man only known by the name, "The Maniac", usually overrides any decisions he wants to.

A typical New York Raider

Hell's Cartel used to be a bunch of separate Raider gangs, fighting for turf and business, usually dealing in drugs and whores and other vices, but have since realized they could make more money if unified. The big players include Mendez, the head of the drug trade and production. Jason Itzler, the head of the whore trade, and The Maniac is head of the Raiders, who has proven himself as the toughest, even recalled as being shot in the head before.

The typical Hell's Cartel raider is equipped with an assault rifle or hunting rifle. They don leather armor, sometimes adorned with skulls or horns or whatever they find and think would look intimidating or cool. They typically travel in packs, with the leader visible, sometimes donning combat armor.
US Army combat armor

A more experienced, elite Raider

Dirty preWar business wear

A raider Executive

Raider executives usually are tough fighters, having pulled themselves up to the top, and are equipped with high-end weapons such as rare Chinese assault rifles and energy weaponry. The higher-ups will even wear suits and have the suits outfitted with the latest in power armor technology, small but strong plates placed into the suit to reflect bullets and have little damage done to the user.


Raiders are, and have always been, the bottom of the barrel. It's the one *job* virtually any wastelander can do, no matter what his income or combat experience. Seeing as how most raiders flocked away from D.C after the Brotherhood of Steel took over, The Empire Wastes are full of them.

The Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel battles leave only more people vengeful and broke, creating more people wanting to fight the Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel, who have moved into The Empire Wastes, the Brotherhood moving into buildings and setting up shop, and the Enclave in the mountainous North. The pre-existing Empire Raiders morphed with the D.C Raiders, and created the conglomeration you see before you.

The Hell's Cartel was born out of necessity, with the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave cracking down on the Raiders upon entry into the Wasteland. The Raider leaders realized they were just whittling each other down and ruining themselves by not only letting members die, but having less people to handle the big factions like Enclave and Brotherhood.

The Raiders, nearly as soon as they formed, made a flash army and took over big buildings, the Brotherhood obviously impressed by their efforts, sent troops to neutralize the Raiders, but with upgraded armaments, the troops were easily defeated.

The Raiders now run business out of buildings and on the streets, seen like wildfire doing drug deals or whoring out women. The big guys have been avoiding them due to their power in numbers. The Raiders are afraid of attacking the big guys also, thusly leading to their odd understanding in which they don't mess with each other, unless they happen to intersect each other in operations.

Your role

The Raiders are in need of help to take over the Empire Wastes, and you can choose to help them. They are spread across the city in buildings they have taken over, with an established foothold in the Chryslus building. The leaders of the Hell's Cartel, including the Maniac are usually found in the Chryslus building, and you must go there to work with them.

The Cartel will recognize you as a vagabond through your weapons and clothing, and see you're above the common man. They'll offer you rewards for helping them, including:
- A power-armored suit, with the plates.
- Upgraded high-end weaponry, with attachable and removable mods.
- Raiders that can accompany you on your adventures.
- Free drugs and free whores.


The Maniac

A normal child from birth, the Maniac was born in the Capital Wasteland. He took up a job as a raider due to his good physical strength and height. (The Maniac will be noticeably taller than the Player Character in the game.) During his raiding career, he lived in a town in the Capital Wasteland, with extreme love for his town, bringing them back things he would raid. The Maniac was shocked during the Brotherhood of Steel's comeback during the attack on Project Purity, yet due to the Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel's skirmish, the town he lived in was destroyed, in the debris, he found his family. The man grew hateful and resentful of the Brotherhood of Steel, and the Brotherhood felt the same way, sending hit squads towards him. It would be rumored that Brotherhood troops would be found with their helmets on the ground, cracks in the eye-slits that seemed smashed by melee weapons. In an attempt to rally for death to the Brotherhood, he headed to New York to gain recruits, in which he found the other raiders, Itzler and Mendez. They agreed to a coalition in which Itzler would control the whoring business, and Mendez would control the drug trade. The Maniac would handle security detail, Itzler and Mendez completely aware of his strength. The Maniac has even been shot in the head before, surviving the shot and killing the shooter. He is a good ally, and a very, very bad enemy.


Very special thanks to The Ever Ruler for helping me brainstorm ideas, including the name. This is still a work-in-progress, so please give feedback in the comments section.