What is up, wasters? This is Gunner, pow-shaba-show (please submit better sound FX in the comments), and I'm bringing you the Polls, late at night. This edition is brought to us by Grecks, who now owes someone caps he borrowed to sponsor.

Sorry, I know I'm posting these really late. I'll be completely honest, it's been around a year, and I'm losing my motivation. I find other things to do and I let myself get caught off guard. I'd like to not only apologize, but offer a solution. My 1-year anniversary as Pollmaster will be happening in November (on a Sunday). I'm thinking I might do a one-year anniversary edition on that Sunday with a ton of Polls, and then I could possibly hand them off to one of you. If you'd like to apply, send a message to my talk page linked there.

Thanks for being patient, and let's get to the results.

Question #1, which of these ghouls is your favorite?

In third place, with 27 votes, we have The Ever Ruler people who just don't like ghouls. In reality, I think nobody likes Ever.

In second place, with 56 votes, Charon takes the silver. The aptly named Ferryman of Hell.

In first place, with 109 votes, Desmond Lockheart, the old slimey time limey. His dogs are pretty cool, too. And he fights a brain in a jar. What a guy.

Question #2, if you could cure mutated beings, would you?

34 people think they should just stay the way they are. Ask any mutant if they wanna remain that way, I can guarantee you they'll rip your arm off.

70 people would do it, but they don't really care if the ghouls/mutants are cured or not. You apathetic dogs, you. You can't spell apathetic without pathetic.

155 people are on a crusade to cure the mutated! March on DC and tell them who's boss! BRING DIPPING STICKS!

That'd be the results, and the bonus poll will just be on the last episode if you wanna look for them.

Time for more Polls, guys, stay with me here.

Do you enjoy the radio or the official soundtrack of Fallout more?

The poll was created at 01:18 on October 13, 2013, and so far 288 people voted.
What's the best shop in Rivet City?

The poll was created at 01:18 on October 13, 2013, and so far 285 people voted.

And for the ladies, the bonus poll. GO.

Should I do the One-Year Anniversary Special?

The poll was created at 01:18 on October 13, 2013, and so far 260 people voted.

Again, sorry for them being late. See y'all later.