Hello, world-wide wastelanders, this is your fabulous boss of a host bringing you another round of Polls to vote on. This week, we're brought to you by Goodsprings. If you can avoid the Deathclaws, you can see the radio the Courier fixed for us!

I'd like to just tell you guys to pop by another one of our good friend Chad's blogs. I'm featured in it, and it's called Fallout: Apprentice. Please, be sure to vote on the one you think is best, don't just vote for the one that sounds the coolest, and thank you for popping by and looking at it! The link will be below this paragraph. There are some good entries, and I hope you enjoy it!

Link: Fallout: Apprentice Challenge 2 - Vote to Eliminate

Time for the results? Let me get a burrito first, these are good.

Question #1, what did you do during the Superhuman Gambit quest?

In 3rd with 74 votes, you guys killed both of those weirdos! You silly little sadists, you...

In 2nd with 193 votes, you guys convinced one of them they were idiots! Diplomats, the lot of you.

In 1st with 286 votes, you guys didn't even know what quest I was talking about! It's not my fault you guys didn't do your side quests in Fallout 3...

Question #2, who did you give the Lincoln memorabilia to in the Head of State quest?

137 of you guys kept it all to yourself! Tonight, on Hoarders, someone claims to have tons of Lincoln merchandise.

139 of you gave it to Hannibal Hamlin, the slave dude! You guys are such givers, now I know why I love you. (heart)

235 of you don't even know where this stuff is! I revoke my last statement! </3.

Time for more polls, now!

How did you feel about the Brotherhood of Steel when you first met Sarah in Fallout 3?

The poll was created at 23:41 on May 11, 2013, and so far 425 people voted.
How did you feel about the Legion upon meeting them in Nipton?

The poll was created at 23:41 on May 11, 2013, and so far 414 people voted.