Hey-ho, voters galore, this is your... er... interesting, yeah, that's a good word, I think I could've picked a better one, though. Maybe I could've used fun, or tantalizing, or awesome. Anyway, this is your interesting host bringing you the Saturday Polls, if you think there's a better word to describe me, don't say it unless it's nice. Our sponsor today is Mister Burke. Can you believe all I had to do to get that sponsorship was blow up an entire town?

I wish summer was a time where I could just relax, but for me, it's usually the time where I gotta do more work around the house because people actually have free time now. Recently, I've been doing lots of painting, lots of taking out and carrying in materials for building stuff, and a little bit of hitting things. The hitting things is the most fun, we had to take down a wall because we were removing this closet. My parents watch too much home improvement shows and now they feel the need to fix ours up.

Nevermind my predicaments, hell, I'm sure you skipped the first two paragraphs, screw those, let's see the results, hm?

Question #1, what was the most annoying thing to collect?

53 people hated collecting the alien captive recordings. It's pretty annoying that the aliens suddenly decided to put them anywhere they wanted and the game decided they were important...

83 people didn't like collecting the Sunset Sarsaparilla star caps. I just didn't like that I talked to that old guy once and never saw him again, he was such a nice dude.

155 people absolutely loathed collecting the steel ingots in the Pitt. Everett died as soon as I got them all. I didn't care that I got murdered each time I did it.

Question #2, what weapons from Fallout 3 do you want it Fallout 4?

51 people wanna bring back the combat shotty. Maybe make it not as fragile as wet tissue paper next time, though?

112 people wanna bring back the craft-able weapons. A gun that cripples things in one hit? A thing that attaches those limbs to the nearest wall? Shut up and take my caps!

114 people want to bring back the Type 93 chinese AR. Just make sure Liberty Prime doesn't see you with a commie weapon.

Question #3, what people do you wanna see in Fallout 4?

34 people wanna see our Player Characters from Fallout 3 or New Vegas. Maybe they could leave behind a memoir and be your father.

36 people wanna see the Burned Man, Joshua Graham. It is true, where does he go after Honest Hearts? Maybe he goes into Legion territory and takes out as many as he can. Maybe he goes into deathclaw territory and bonds with them, becoming leader of the pack, who knows?

201 people say they just want a reference to older characters. It'd take around an hour to list out all the things our characters did though... so maybe just a reference to all the cool people.

As a final note, a shocker recount on the fourth Poll has shown that the Dead Gunner option actually won by 9,000,000,000 votes. What an astounding host, am I right?

He's making new Polls right now, too, be sure to vote!

Which snowglobe looks the best?

The poll was created at 23:19 on July 13, 2013, and so far 273 people voted.
During the HELIOS ONE quest, what did you think ARCHIMEDES was?

The poll was created at 23:19 on July 13, 2013, and so far 279 people voted.