Hello, voters, welcome to the first 2013 Nukapedian-edition Saturday Polls, with your charming and lovable host, (just kidding), Dead Gunner. This is brought to you by the Muddy Rudder. The Muddy Rudder, just try not to get sea-sick.

This is always a great time of the year, eh? The New Year allows us all for a fresh sheet, no matter how bad last year may have been. I obviously need no work whatsoever, so I didn't make a New Year's resolution. I also didn't make one because on a related note I am a known quitter. What were your resolutions? Let me know.

I'd like to thank Yes-Man for leaving me a lot of work to do, so here's your load of results!

First question, which Fallout game is the best?

In 3rd place, with 10 votes, we have Fallout 2. I'd like to take this comment to say that Fallout Tactics and Fallout Brotherhood of Steel got zero votes each. * sarcastic clap *

In 2nd place, with 46 votes, we have Fallout: New Vegas. I blame every other person than myself for not convincing you guys it's the best.

In 1st place, with 51 votes, I totally didn't suspect this game would win, but it's Fallout 3. I think you all just like the bobble-heads too much.

Second question, Which of the following characters would you like to see in a future Fallout game?

In 3rd place, we have Harold with 49 votes, SAVE THE TREES! (Also, on an unrelated note, C, Sulik got last place)

In 2nd place, with 61 votes, we have the wise mutant Marcus. How will that work if everyone says the next game is in New York or Boston?

In 1st place, with 171 votes, yet another Fallout 3 winner, is the tenacious teenager from Vault 101, The Lone Wanderer. It'd be something different, we only saw the Vault Dweller's memoirs in Fallout 2. About how he had a mission, and a really big gun. Maybe the Lone Wanderer can say, "I had a mission, there was a really big communist-hating robot on my side."

Question #3, what is your preferred method of murder?

In 3rd, with 30 votes is "other"! I hope when Yes-Man asked this question, he meant murder in Fallout..........

In 2nd place, with one more vote, is the slashers and smashers, the melee guys. There's nothing that helps you take out real life rage more than smacking people in the face with a baseball bat in a video game.

In 1st place, with 249 votes, we have the pistoleers and the riflemen, the small arms users. Bullets are always effective, except against these........

Question #4, which is the scariest Fallout monster?

In 3rd place, with 43 votes, is "Other"! Please leave in the comments what I should say when an "other" wins.

In 2nd place, with 45 votes, is those creepy guys in the Metros, the feral ghouls. There's nothing more that helps me get some exercise than when a feral ghoul strikes me out of nowhere in the metros, and I start running out of my house.

In 1st place, with 194 votes, is those masked guys with green innards, the Ghost People. Thank the Maker (of Fallout: New Vegas) that the ghost people are only in the Sierra Madre. If they were in Vegas overall, I think I would've played that game with the lights on all the time.

Question #5..... Yeah, I get it, everyone wants to Zac Efron, time for more polls.

I'd like to have one last word, before I post more polls. Yes-Man, you were a great-poll maker, as evidenced by the final poll, and the final question. Everyone loves you, man. When I made my first polls, I looked at yours to see what I should talk about, and what to do, overall. You were a great user here, and your exit was truly great. You'll always be welcome here, so please don't disappear forever.

Now, the moment you've been waiting for, the first polls of the New Year!

Which game had your favorite companions?

The poll was created at 23:35 on January 5, 2013, and so far 376 people voted.
Which is your least favorite animal in Fallout?

The poll was created at 23:35 on January 5, 2013, and so far 356 people voted.

Thanks for voting, and the 2nd edition of polls of the New Year will be here next week.