Hello, poll-lovers and enthusiasts, and welcome to the Saturday Polls. I'm Dead Gunner, and these are the Gunner Polls, or so The SNM calls us. This is being brought to you by The Fallout: Apprentice, the game where you make the game.

If you'd stop by and visit that link, it'd be heavily appreciated by me and all the entrants, as well as Chad, I'm sure.

I'm sorry for having the Polls done so late, I've been working with my computer because something may or may not be severely wrong with it. It's been freezing up and I actually had these done around half an hour ago, but my computer screwed them up. (mad)

Let's all not worry about my computer and learn about them results.

1st question, which introduction is the best?

With 32 votes, Fallout 1 takes 3rd place. Jacoren doesn't let you back in after you save everyone. What a guy.

With 101 votes, Fallout: New Vegas takes 2nd place. Watching someone shoot you in the head and being left for dead is always a good intro!

With 258 votes, Fallout 3 takes 1st place. I don't exactly remember what Fallout 3's intro was so imagine I wrote something funny here!

2nd question, which radio station is the best?

With 29 votes, Enclave Radio takes the bronze. If President Eden stopped talking so much and let us listen to more music, maybe it would've won.

With 60 votes, Radio New Vegas takes the silver. If Johnny Guitar is played again......

With 277 votes, Galaxy News Radio takes the gold. Three-Dog and his music reign supreme!

Alright, I'm gonna ask some different questions here, tell me in the comments if you like them or not.

When Mr. Crowley told you about his treasure in his quest, what did you think it was?

The poll was created at 01:59 on February 24, 2013, and so far 404 people voted.
Why do you think Tenpenny hired them to get the actual treasure?

The poll was created at 01:59 on February 24, 2013, and so far 386 people voted.

Thanks for answering, see you again soon!