Hey, folks, with the recent results of my Moderator request, I'm going to assume most of you know who I am. If you don't, I'm Dead Gunner, a Patroller here. I'd like to thank everyone who came and voted on my request, whether admin or normal user. You've all given me feedback, which will allow me to better myself and do better next time. For everyone who voted yes, thank you for your faith in me. I will not let any of you down, yes/no or neutral, and I will continue to improve. I'll remain vigilant in chat, I'll continue to vigorously check the edits, and I'll grow as a human while time passes, hopefully gaining more skills wiki-related. I'll be back, and I hope everyone will want to vote yes next time. Until then, I'll see you all around, enjoy the holidays and have a happy new year. Dead Gunner's SMG JPG1 "Semper Invictus" 01:26, December 23, 2012 (UTC)