"These hills belonged to us, and with your help, we can reclaim them."
-Jackie Callahan


The Lost Hills are a place that is in the western part of California, Northeast of Mariposa Military Base. There is a dispute going on in the town, as super mutants once inhabited the town. Jackie and his gang were looking for a place to run their drug operation, and he and his well-armed gang took over this land of mutants. Over time, people looking for a safe haven have come here, but it is far from a safe-haven. Jackie and his gang held the land for around a year, but later, Maurice and his gang of thugs showed up, they wanted power, and a place to do a gun-running operation, but Jackie and his gang confronted Maurice. It ended up in a shoot-out, and with Jackie losing. Jackie was to have a public execution, but he instead was sent to jail, with the rest of his gang. Maurice is letting Jackie stay here because he is going to have Jackie tell his gang members to kill people that Maurice sends to jail, and in return, Jackie will stay alive, however, Jackie has busted loose, and it is known that he is getting ready to bust out of jail and try to take back his town. Maurice is trying to keep this from happening, and a number of situations lead to the thought of this.

There are a number of merchants in the town, and the major ones are Joey the Mouse, The Ice Man, Tom Kratz and Sarah. Joey and the Ice Man work for Maurice, but Joey is secretly undercover for Jackie, and Tom and Sarah are just trying to make a decent days worth of caps, but they are being taken down by Maurice, having their merchandise stolen and having their prices beaten by Joey and the Ice Man. The town is growing bigger, people who want power are being sent to the jails, and they're either being killed or absorbed by Jackie, and those who are just trying to live are being pressured by Maurice to by his products and follow his oppressive rule.

When the Vault Dweller shows up, he sees someone trying to leave getting shot by the men at the front gate, they tell you there is nothing wrong, but there is something wrong, and depending on the player, you can choose to help Jackie regain the Lost Hills, or you can make sure Jackie won't do anything, because he'll be dead.


The Lost Hills are 4 squares north and 5 squares east of Mariposa Military Base.


The traders walk around the town with their caravans, and Maurice's Town Hall sits in the middle. The Jail is in the eastern part of the town, where Jackie lives. The houses are in the western part of the town, and the Guard's post will be around Maurice's town hall, they will be patrolling. If you help Jackie, Jackie will take the town hall, and the prisoners will patrol the town, and Maurice's guards will be sent to prison.


Investigate the missing meds: Doc Anonymous, while patrolling on his caravan, has noticed that a few of his meds are missing, and he asks you to help him find them. You, while in the section with the houses, find a guy who is overusing some chems, and with a high enough speech, you can ask him where he got them. He tells you that Joey the Mouse had extra, and sold it to him for cheap.

Learn why The Mouse has low prices: While talking to Sarah or Tom, they will tell you that their businesses are being ruined by Joey the Mouse, and they want you to find why he has such low prices. If you do some snooping around Joey's house, you will find a note that is from Jackie, saying that the have stolen more merchandise, and that it will be ready for sale in a few days, as soon as they can get it to him.

Learn what happened to John: John was a person who said Maurice's new rules were unfair, and that he could shoot you if you leave the town without telling the guards, and John was sent to the jail. If you do some questioning, you find someone who recently left the jail, and is hiding in someone elses home. Eventually, he tells you that Maurice imprisons and consequentially kills any who oppose him. As soon as he tells you this, a lot of guards break into the home, kill your informer, and imprison you.

Go to jail and find Jackie: While in prison, you learn that Jackie is being held here, leader of the Lost Hill's mafia. Jackie is running the show in the prison, and you can listen to his story, after this, you get to make a choice, you can kill Jackie, or agree with his side, and kill Maurice and break out of the prison.

Kill Jackie: If you do this, after he is dead, Maurice's guards will enter the prison while the prisoners try to kill you, and will kill the prisoners for you, after this, Maurice asks to see you. He tells you that Jackie was a thorn in his side for too long, and thanks you for helping. You can kill Maurice here, and leave the town to die, or you can tell him it was no problem. After this, you can enter and exit the town as you like, and the town will be a little more controlling over it's citizens, but very well defended.

Kill Maurice during his speech: If you agree with Jackie, instead, Jackie informs you that Maurice is giving a speech to the people of Lost Hills, and it's talking about how he is going to get rid of the prisoners, and re-establish order. At this moment, guards will enter the prison, and you have to kill them. After they are dead, you go and kill Maurice. After that, you can go to the Town Hall, and Jackie will have set up shop there, he will thank you, and you can kill him and leave the town to die, or you can tell him it was no problem and leave the town. You are free to come back, but with Jackie leading the town, it will be more free for the citizen's, but the town is less defended.

Defend the town/Get more supplies for the merchants: After the Lost Hills' main quests, you can leave and come at your leisure, but sometimes, the town will be attacked. You can help defend it for some experience and money. This can happen an infinite amount of times. Sometimes, the merchants will need to stock up, but they can't leave the town, or are pre-occupied, you can help them find the supplies they need, and get some money and experience, this too, can happen an infinite amount of times.

Notable People

Jackie Callahan: The leader of the Lost Hills mob, Jackie has been locked up and he is plotting for revenge against Maurice, but he needs help.

Maurice: The current mayor of Lost Hills, Maurice took over the town from Jackie, and locked him up in jail to kill members of the town he didn't like. Maurice is a totalitarian leader, and he needs help killing Jackie.

Joey the Mouse: He is a merchant who sells chems, and at a very low price, it is revealed he has been stealing from the other merchants, and is sent to the jail for this.

Sarah and Tom: A caravan duo, who sell their goods together, Sarah and Tom are just trying to make a living in the wasteland, but they are being overtaken by Joey and the Ice Man's low prices and better products, but if you send Joey to jail, then they are doing notably better.

Doc Anonymous: The town doctor, an overall kind person, but very paranoid that he will be killed, Doc Anonymous will sell you chems and keep you patched up as long as you are in town.


You can kill both of the possible leaders, Jackie and Maurice, and the town will be defeated by super mutant attacks. You can kill Jackie, and spare Maurice, and the town will be more fascist, but extremely safe. You can kill Maurice, and save Jackie, and the town will be more free, but attacks put more of a dent on the town.

Behind the scenes

  • Lost Hills is a real place in California.
  • The Ice-Man sells you weapons, and his name was based off of a real assassin, whose real name was Richard Kuklinski.