Fo1 Military Base Destroyed

How to begin

The Courier will get a distress signal from humans being abducted into the base, and hear the screams as they are dipped in vats of acid. He will track the signal to Mariposa Military Base, thought to be abandoned......

The DLC's story

The DLC that is being published, Unity Revival, is actually going to allow the Courier to travel to the Mariposa Military Base. The Courier learns, through the distress signal, that there is a new cult there, the Revival. The new Mariposa Military Base is going to be upgraded, now with more FEV vats and a throne room for the leader of the group who is restoring the base, The Revival. The Revival is going to be the antagonist of the Courier for this part of the story. There will be new super mutant enemies, including the super mutant destroyer and the super mutant slayer.

Who is the Revival?

The Revival is the new clan of radicals hell-bent on using mutants to "cleanse" the Mojave. They wish to bring even more mutants into the picture and kill everyone who is not a mutant. The problem could grow out of hand, estimated by Marcus, the new mutants could even overtake the NCR and the Legion. The Revival thinks that the mutants will be friendly to them, but because of the extreme amount of FEV in the chambers, the mutants will attack anything in sight, and are never nice. You understand that you have to destroy these insane people before they destroy the Mojave.

Why the military base, it was already in Fallout 1.....

In my opinion, the Mariposa Military Base was one of the coolest dungeons in Fallout. It took lots of skill to eliminate the mutants and it was very dark and you were a little scared and excited, not knowing when the next mutant could strike. I loved the final boss, and in this DLC, the final boss is a hard guy to kill if you are on a decent difficulty.

Who will I meet?

There is one mutant who has been mutated, but still keeps his friends and foes apart, and his name is Scar. You will meet Scar not far in the DLC, and granted you free him and don't kill him, he will help you. He has not been in the vats for long, and has retained his memories and mental freedom. If you are friendly to him, he will accompany you to stop the menace of the Revival.

Timeline of the events

  • 2162- The Vault Dweller destroys the military base, and kills the Master.
  • 2277- The Revival takes off to the base, with stockpiles of FEV.
  • 2278- The Revival begins abducting humans and restoring the base.
  • 2278- The super mutant army from Mariposa attempts an attack on several cities in California.
  • 2281- The Courier is told about the mutant problem, and is dispatched to the base.


  • You can return to the base anytime, granted you don't destroy it.
  • The new mutants can be found in the Mojave at really high levels.
  • This increases level cap by ten, allowing level 60.
  • You can bring Scar to the Mojave, and if you have a good reputation with the people in your area, he won't be attacked.

The End

The end holds several options for you, after the final boss is defeated, the Courier can choose what he wishes to do. You can gather opinions from your new mutant friend, Scar.

  • You can have all surviving mutants barrage the base, leaving it unhabitable again.
  • You can have the base keep abducting humans, and consequentially continue making mutants.
  • You can leave the base intact, but flood all rooms but the Throne Room with FEV, leaving the base as your new headquarters.
  • You can make all current humans in the base into mutants, and have them attack any location, killing all people in the area.

It's your base

The base is yours, everything that happens in this base stays in this base, and the final choice is yours, the fate of the Mojave and it's mutants rests in your hands.....