Quick walkthrough

Main Quest: Time is Money
Obtain the quest Reilly's Rangers.
Help or hurt Talon Company or Reilly's Rangers.
Report to Commander Jabsco.
Gather information on Reilly's Rangers/Talon Company.
Report to Reilly or Commander Jabsco.
Head to Paradise Falls.
End the Rangers/Talons.
End the D.C mercenary groups.
Reward: 1000 XP and 2000 caps
Reward: 1000 XP and 2000 caps

Detailed walkthrough

NOTE: Previously made choices will affect how this DLC is to be played. To play the DLC to it's full value, make a new save/reload an old one where the quest Reilly's Rangers is incomplete and Paradise Falls is intact.

Reilly's Rangers

Objective: Help or hinder the Rangers.

After triggering the quest Reilly's Rangers and heading to the Our Lady of Hope Hospital, you will find several Talon Company mercenaries cleaning up the mutants in the immediate area and ready to go inside. They will approach you, non-hostile, and ask you if you heard the Ranger broadcast. No matter what you reply, they will then ask for your help killing the Rangers.

You have several options from here:

  1. Accompany the Talon Company mercenaries to Reilly's Rangers and kill the Rangers.
  2. Betray the Talon soldiers anytime along the way and help the Rangers.
  3. Betray/kill the Talon soldiers at any time and kill the Rangers.
  4. Kill the Talon soldiers outside the hospital and help the Rangers.
  5. Convince them, with a high enough Speech that mutants will finish the Rangers off, and they will leave. From there, you can help or hurt the Rangers.
  6. You can pay off the soldiers, and from there, decide to help or hinder Reilly's Rangers.

You get no karma bonuses from any of these actions, and after you have made your decision and the quest has been completed, Commander Jabsco will contact you via PIP-Boy and ask to see you at Fort Bannister.

Talon Company's offer

Objective: Help or hinder Talon Company.

After either fast-travelling or walking to Fort Bannister, you will find that the guards are no longer hostile, yet edgy. Even if you kill the Talon soldiers in the last stage, Jabsco will order a cease fire because he believes you can help. You can either kill the guards and the rest of Talon Company, or you can talk to Jabsco to hear him out. He offers you a good amount of money to figure out jobs that Reilly is obtaining so that he can ambush the Rangers on a job. They get word that Reilly is out on a job and you are to kill her.

From here, you have more options:

  1. You can kill Jabsco and the rest of Talon in the base and report to Reilly.
  2. You can complete his task and report for further work.
  3. Approach and talk to Reilly, if you inform her of the plan, she can give you falsified documents to help the Rangers.

Depending on what you do here, you either side with Talon Company, Reilly's Rangers, Paradise Falls, or nobody.

Cutting Talon out

Objective: Help the Rangers defeat Talon Company once and for all.

If you have aided the Rangers without betrayal up to this point, Reilly will become essential and there is no turning back. Reilly gets word that Talon Company is launching a final assault on Seward Square in a last ditch attempt to kill Reilly and the Rangers. You are going to aid the Rangers in taking them out.

The Talon soldiers will come in multiple waves, with Jabsco (if still alive) in the final wave. The Rangers will provide backup fire whenever possible, and will congratulate you upon defeating Talon Company.

After the battle, Reilly will give you a lot of caps, and the ability to take any of the Rangers as a companion.

Raging Rangers

Objective: Put down Reilly and her Rangers for good.

Depending on how many of the Rangers you have killed, you may or may not face much opposition taking over the Ranger Compound. Jabsco will have you report to him one last time before amassing Talon up for a final strike against the Rangers. The surviving Rangers will take a last stand.

The surviving Rangers will be mini-bosses and be rather hard to kill. Though after they are all dead, the Talon soldiers will celebrate.

Jabsco will also give you his helmet and his knife. He also tells Talon soldiers to follow your orders, letting a soldier follow you as a companion.

Optional: Paradise Rises

Objective: End the D.C mercenary trade.

If you haven't destroyed Paradise Falls, then they will send you an invitation upon completion of stage two. Eulogy Jones says that he is tired of the mercenaries killing off possible slaves, and wants to enlist your help in taking them both out as they fight each other.

He also mentions how they are rather short on fighters, so he gives you the location of a possible extra hand. You can find Invictus in the Muddy Rudder of Rivet City or Janaschi Garoux in Moriarty's of Megaton.

After reporting back to Eulogy that you are ready, you will meet up with some slavers in Seward Square, where you can already hear Talon fighting the Rangers. You and the slavers swoop in and pick everyone off by surprise. Most of the Talon soldiers will be dead, along with one or two of Reilly's Rangers.

After this mission, Invictus is a possible companion for your travels, and you are paid handsomely by Eulogy Jones.

Optional: Why Can't We Be Friends?

Objective: End the D.C mercenary trade.

If your current save has Paradise Falls, Talon Company and Reilly's Rangers exterminated, then you will get a message from Invictus and Janaschi Garoux upon loading the DLC. If you destroy them all sometime during the DLC, you will get the messages as well.

Once meeting with either person, they informs you that Talon Company is weak, and they've set up shop in the Ranger compound. They tell you they can give you what they've got, money and an extra gun, if you help them take them out for good.

As soon as you tell him you are ready to go, you get an objective marker for the Ranger compound. After clearing it out, you are paid and offered Janaschi/Invictus as a companion.

Quest stages

10 Obtain Reilly's Rangers.
20 Help or hinder Reilly's Rangers.
30 Report to Commander Jabsco.
40 Help or hinder Talon Company.
55 (Optional) Aid the Paradise Falls slavers.
55 (Optional) Aid Invictus or Janaschi.
60 Defeat your opposition.
70Quest finishedIcon checkReport back to your respective quest giver.