Mercy is for the clawless. Killing is for the Talons.

— Talons motto

The Talons are a raider group in the Capital Wasteland in 2276.


The Talons are an old raider group reformed into Talon Company in 2277. Their old raider group consisted of several members, some of which were raiding for money, adrenaline, violence and loot.

They were formed in a Vault very close to D.C, which was a control Vault. The control of the Vault was that the leader and staff had extreme access to loads of ordnance, while the lesser Vault members had measly improvised weapons, if any at all. Out of paranoia, the guards and Overseer, Jabsco, murdered the lesser inhabitants and opened the Vault door.

After opening the Vault door, they began to conduct operations from the safety of their own Vault, sometimes even venturing into D.C for loot and pillage. After discovering that Fort Bannister was ripe for the picking, they packed up and headed for it.

Making money and getting better equipment from each raid, they eventually packed up and left the Vault, some of the raiders left the gang as they felt it was becoming too harsh, and either settled down or became mercenaries their own. After a successful invasion of Fort Bannister, the Talons began recruiting once more and Talon Company was born.


They are a raider gang, and as such, live very improvised lifestyles. Sleeping, eating, killing and being wherever they pleased. Most of the time, they'd revel in each others stories in the Vault they came from and share loot and valuables. They rape and pillage and do whatever they please, when they demand it.


Their general hierarchy is built on fear and respect. The leader is both feared and respected, and that fear and respect trickles down to his lieutenants.


Modified and armored Vault suits were the norm for this raider gang, along with assault rifles and hunting rifles as the standard weapon. Better and longer-serving members would obtain chinese assault rifles or sniper rifles, but the general populace uses standard issue.


The Talons are mentioned in Fallout 3.