Before the bombs fell, The Red Mile was the California State Prison, used for imprisonment of breakers of the law. Currently owned by a group known as the Wardens for holding people captive, the place is a stockpile of munitions and manpower for raiders.


The Red Mile is the former Los Angeles State Prison, converted into a compound where a group of raiders hold prisoners of those they call enemies, otherwise known as the convicts. The prison has an upper floor of cells and a lower floor of an equal amount. The prisoners are confined to cells, sometimes three or four in each of them. When you enter, you will arrive at the front desk, occupied by a dead man slouched in the chair. East is the mess hall, where the Wardens (the occupiers of the prison) eat and hang out. West is the courtyard, where the Wardens stock up their munitions, and north is the cellblock and the office of The Keeper, the owner and administrator of the prison.

Notable Loot


  • In the evidence storage, there is a random pistol with ammo spawned at random.
  • In the yard, there is a weapons locker which will spawn either a Remington 870 or a SPAS-12 (Both about on-par with damage).

Mess hall

  • The kitchen contains a flamethrower with spare fuel sitting on the stove.
  • The tables have random food items on them.

Cellblock A

  • In the confiscation bin will be a combat knife and a shiv (Both will be used to show off the new executions in the game, if you sneak up on someone and hit the *Attack* button, you will kill the person silently in a small cutscene, even if in VATS)
  • The Keeper will use either an AK-47 or an M-16, and the ammo box's in his office will spawn ammo for both guns.
  • The convicts will have knives and pistols on them.

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It appears in Fallout: Los Angeles only.