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Wasteland Tales: The High Road

  • Show quote: "He who makes a beast of himself, loses the pain of being a man." - Samuel Johnson
  • The scene shifts to an unknown location, with a broken overpass, and on it, two buildings attached by a small but sturdy makeshift bridge. The overpass behind them is collapsed, and scattered on the road are multiple small crops, such as buffalo gourd seed and maize. The sky shines an orange-blue light and the horizon is seen as purple. The buildings lay a large shadow on the highway, allowing wind to make some travelers cold.
  • Our protagonist, Invictus, (if you want information, read his tab on my userpage linked to the left), is seen sleeping. It goes blurry, and we are in a dream he is currently having. He dreams of home, the shining sun, the long, distant fields of crops growing, the ones he loved...
  • The dream suddenly gets darker though, and our hero becomes aware that he is just dreaming. The sky becomes immediately dark, and monsters begin killing everyone on the land. He watches in silence in his dream as he watches the faces of those he loved are ripped apart.
  • He begins to toss and turn, and he flashes forward to another scene, where he sees his former squad in the NCR crucified, and looks towards his revolver. He watches as he slowly clicks back the hammer, and lets off a shot towards his squadmates, one by one... and cannot wake up from his nightmare.
  • He then fast-forwards, once again, to the future. He sees himself on the ground, with blood coming out of the side of his head, and his revolver in the dirt near his hand. He watches as someone simply takes his gear and moves along.
  • He then suddenly wakes up, and looks all around him. He lets out a silent cry as he covers his face, frozen in fear and agony. He looks outside towards the sun, and remembers the good parts of the dream... home... the fields... his best friends and tribal family. He remembers this as he gets a drink of water to cure his hangover, and picks up his weapon, laid down to the left of him.
  • He stumbles outside, starving, and begins heading towards the linked buildings on what is known as "The High Road". He observes the scenery as he walks, blown away by the large amount of open space, where crops and shrubbery alike grows, the brahmin roaming and grazing. He totes his modified ACR, rather than walking while aiming down the sights. As he continues walking, a shot rattles off near his person, and he immediately springs into a nearby roadblock to try and find cover.
  • The shots continue to smack into the cover our protagonist is in, slowly taking pieces off of the roadblock. Upon sight of moving figures coming downhill from The High Road, he closes his eyes and prepares for a quick death. Unknowingly, the people wield sniper rifles, and begin to fire off in the other direction, shooting and killing the enemies that pursued Invictus.
  • They will nod their heads towards the protagonist, and ask him if he wants entrance to the town of which they have named "Lion's Gate". He will say "yes" and agree in compliance to their simple wasteland town rules. The townsfolk grab one of their fallen comrades, of which Invictus offers to carry, and begins to carry back up to Lions Gate. The townsfolk shout a small phrase, and a doorman opens up the door.
  • When the door is opened, guns are pointed at the protagonist, and he just looks around with a calm, unseen expression on his face, hidden by a ballistic mask. One shouts out: "Why have you let an outsider in?" A reply is heard, "He is not one of Villa's." Upon hearing the sentence, the townsfolk uneasily let in Invictus.
  • He lets his hunger be heard, and also reveals that he was wounded during the small High Road showdown, and is shown to the mess hall. In here, he begins eating a lot of food, and doesn't relent until he is approached by one of the medics. A woman he remembers by the name: "Melissa". She approaches with a small dosage of Med-X and a stimpak, and treats the wound that the protagonist received during the small skirmish.
  • They begin to have a small chat, and other townsfolk begin talking to Invictus. They begin to feel more comfortable around him, and he can say the same vice versa. He begins to make friends in this town, and the townsfolk are making a friend out of him.
  • Suddenly, the conversation shifts to more pressing matters, the town of Lions Gate is being attacked by a mysterious man who leads a town known as The Villa. Upon seeing how armed and dangerous Invictus looks, they ask for his aid. He agrees to help them for no charge, as they fed and healed him.
  • He is sent out with the Lions Gate Hunters as they are going to lead an attack on an outpost near the Villa, led by Villa soldiers. As they descend the High Road, Invictus looks back towards a smiling and waving Melissa, whom he gives an acceptive nod and an unseen smile, as he turns around once more and heads with the Hunters.
  • The Hunters approach the outpost, and search it frivolously, but it appears to be empty. They check all the tents and look through everything and find one dead body, seen as killed by a super mutant. There are no notes of anything, so they decide to head back to Lions Gate, and report their findings, assuming the Villa has fallen back to the main community, and they are vulnerable. The Hunters talk about the attack on the way back to Lions Gate. The Hunters have been gone for around three hours at this point.
  • When they arrive at Lions Gate, they see the makeshift bridge fallen, and destroyed. The building is visibly damaged, and the Hunters accompanied by Invictus hurry into the buildings.
  • Invictus searches through all the rubble, and finds nothing but corpses of the townspeople, accompanied by the occasional Villa-allied corpse. After relentless searching for the woman that healed him, he finds her. He finds her dangling from chains, hung to the ceiling. One of the chains pierces her right eyeball, and the other one pierces her neck. He is frozen silent by this sight, and immediately calls for a rally of all the Hunters.
  • He calls the Hunters outside, and rallies for a vengeance attack against the mysterious Villa. Driven by blood-rage, the Hunters descend the High Road, and scream their battle shouts as they rush towards the Villa. The talks of vengeance and retribution fill the air with hatred, and the sky becomes more of a dark purple as time passes.
  • They arrive at the Villa, and are met immediately by armed guards. They dispatch of the armed guards with no casualties, and breach the main gate of the community. The Hunters of Lions Gate fight their way through the Villa and suffer heavy casualties, down to nearly six men from twenty when they reach the capitol building of the Villa.
  • The Hunters breach the Villa capitol door, and are all wiped out except for Invictus and one last Hunter. They immediately find cover, and hold out against seemingly endless Villa soldiers.
  • The seemingly final wails made by the last Hunter are heard by Invictus, and particularly frighten him, and he believes himself to be alone. He finishes off the rest of the town guards, getting shot in the same place he was wounded before, and prepares to go confront the Villa leader.
  • Upon meeting the leader, he asks about Melissa, and finds out that the Villa leader was the one who led the attack and hung her. Upon receiving death threats from the protagonist, the leader draws his pistol, and shoots Invictus in the chest. Invictus pulls his revolver, wounded but not dead due to armor protection, and shoots the leader in the head before collapsing.
  • As Invictus collapses, his eyes go dark and he begins to reminisce. He remembers home... he remembers the stretching fields.. he remembers all the brahmin and the brahmin drivers... he then sees those he lost... he sees Melissa hung from the ceiling, and he sees all his fellow tribals dying. He then sees his future once more, instead... he sees himself bleeding out on this floor... forever to rest.