The Searchlight Airport is a pre-War airport in the south-eastern Mojave Wasteland, south of Camp Searchlight. Its only entrance is a tunnel on the northern side of the airport. The Legion and the NCR want this place for experimental weapons and to get a way of getting across the Mojave Wasteland, air. The factions, little do they know to each other, what lies in what seems to be just a radiated airport. After the bombing of Camp Searchlight, Vulpes Inculta and his squad of men spot the airport in the distance, he doesn't know that one of the NCR soldiers at Searchlight spotted his squad, and started following him to the airport. Both factions needed reinforcements, and could've had them sent by the control tower. You can go to the Searchlight Airport as soon as you find the Camp to the north of it. This will start the quest, "Air Superiority".


Exterior: While there are no accessible buildings, there are two trunks on the tarmac side of the main airport terminal, on the terminal outer wall, which contain a large amount of caps (depending on your level and Luck, it can range from 200 to over 1000 caps). The facility is crawling with radscorpions of various sizes. There are also some dead Legion and NCR soldiers outside the facility.

Main Hallway: There is a hallway, there is a desk there and there are 4 doors. One of the doors leads up to the next floor, in which you can access the control tower, one of the doors goes to a manager's office, one of the doors goes to a bathroom, in which there is a random magazine, and some extra loot, and the last door leads to the basement. As soon as you enter the main hallway, someone will contact you through the intercom, saying that they know you want the airplanes, and that they can help.

Manager's Office: There is a room with a desk and a terminal, the terminal links to a safe and has some records of the bombs being launched. The body of the manager sits under the desk, obviously killed by radiation. After hacking the terminal, you can unlock the safe which has an average lock, and it gives you a key to the basement, in which the people who contacted you say they will help you with the airplanes.

Basement: Some people have occupied the basement for a while, which is quite obvious, right after you enter the basement, a man says he can't believe his plan worked, and he tries to kill you, along with his 5 friends. Once you kill them all, there is a journal kept by one of them, which talks about how the man and his group were locked in the basement, and how they had to lure anyone who walks in to the basement, where they would eat them, and you can see a table in which there are bloody and cut up soldiers in the basement. After you clear this place out, you get another part to your quest.

Control Tower: When the cannibals in the basement of the airport are dead, you can also go to the control tower, as one of the cannibals had a key on him. When you get there, you have 3 options, each will have an effect on the ending. You can contact the NCR and have them send reinforcements to the airport, you can contact the Legion and have them send reinforcements, or you can call the securitrons on the Strip, and have them occupy the place, each have their pros and cons, but you get the final choice. The faction you want to have the airport appears after 3 ingame days. You can choose to let no one have it, also.


  • Air Superiority - You can find out what happened to the soldiers who came to this place from Camp Searchlight, and send someone to take control of the airport.

Notable Loot

  • Journal - The cannibal's journal, which tells how they were locked in the basement, and how they were forced to eat nothing but humans and the occasional radiated animal.
  • Random ammo

Behind the scenes

  • Searchlight Airport is a real airport two miles to the south of Searchlight, Nevada. It was built by the United States Air Force as an emergency alternate paved airstrip for Nellis Air Force Base in the 1950s. It is now a public airport, but has no control tower.