Radio New Vegas is a building in Fallout: New Vegas, which houses Mr. New Vegas and his records, and radio equipment. Also houses some of his old clothing/pictures.


Radio New Vegas was a former pre-War radio station, hosted by a human being, now an AI, voiced by a man who was once Mr Las Vegas and is now Mr New Vegas. It houses the host and all his radio equipment now.


The bottom floor, has a few defense turrets which Mr New Vegas will shut off for you to walk in. There are desks and bookcases with burnt books and packs of cigarettes as you walk in. The turrets are defending a small stairway which will lead you to Mr New Vegas's room. Inside is a small desk with his old gear on top of it, and a terminal which seems to control him, which is a [Hard] terminal. Mr New Vegas's screen is directly to the right of the desk, facing you as you walk in.

Notable loot

  • Mr New Vegas's old suit is right near his control terminal.
  • A unique weapon, Charisma, is a unique silenced .22 pistol.

Related quests


  • Mr New Vegas's old .22's name is a joke to how he says he could probably kill people with his Charisma.


Radio New Vegas appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.