You lookin' for a sentence, meat? I'm the judge, jury and executioner here, and I say DEATH!— The Keeper

Jailhouse Rock is a side quest in Fallout: LA.

Detailed walkthrough

Upon entry to The Red Mile, you will find a dead person at the desk, with a bloodied 10mm pistol near his hand. On his person, he also has five bobby pins and 60 10mm JHP rounds.

You can leave the items if you are feeling brave, or take them if you are feeling literal.

The desk sitting in front of him has an *Very Easy* lock, which can be easily picked, after, of course, seeing a tutorial on how to pick locks for the new players. If someone breaks the lock, there is a row of lockers propped up against the wall with a key for the desk inside of it, which you can also grab before attempting the lockpick. After successfully opening the desk, you will find a key to the courtyard, which will have minor enemies.

Once you clear out the courtyard, with any weapon you please, you are guaranteed a level up, and you will see the changes in skills.

Firstly, Guns and Energy Weapons will be converted into Firearms. Anything that uses ammo will be considered under the Firearms skill. Melee and Unarmed have been combined into a single melee skill. Speech has been split off into Deception and Persuasion, and Deception and Persuasion checks will appear in the quest later. A new skill called Craftsmanship will be introduced, including how well you can make ammunition, armor, and other craft-ables.

After killing the raiders, the materials on them will allow you to create a stimpak and more ammunition for your 10mm pistol, (should you want to keep it). You will still recover cases from your bullets, and you can re-create ammo for them. You will see a safe that can only be unlocked with a key, but there is no key, only a terminal next to it. You must use your Science skill to hack the *Very Easy* terminal. If you for some reason fail, a nearby trash can has a note with the password in it, which you can again retrieve before you even attempt the terminal.
Germantown Police HQ Password

The terminal to unlock the safe

After you get the key from the safe which you unlock, you will gain the key to the Mess Hall, which the Wardens have under lockdown upon your entry.

When you enter, you will have to defeat the raiders with the ammunition you created, and hopefully, the stimpak(s) you created will be used to heal you. Once you do that, you will come across an NPC named "The Butcher" and he will chase you with a cleaver. You must kill him, and on his corpse is the key for Cellblock A, and the parts necessary to craft a Stealth Boy, along with a brand new Workbench Quarterly, the magazine that increases your Craftsmanship by 10 for a minute or so.

Once you make a Stealth Boy, you can either:

  • Unlock each cell, one by one, safe but tedious... OR
  • Sneak past the raiders, and hack the terminal that opens them all at once, dangerous but fast.

Shall you lock one permanently with a lock/with the terminal, you will need to wait until fighting The Keeper.

Once you do either of the above, or fail both... you will be confronted by The Keeper and his allied raider forces. You can either:

  • Use your new Persuasion skill to convince him to fight you one on one.
  • Use your new Firearms/Melee skill to scare him and his friends into fleeing for a few seconds at the beginning
  • Fight all of his henchmen alongside him with the prisoners you released, who will fight with you regardless.

The fight with The Keeper is a tough battle, but it ends with him on his knees, and he begs you for mercy, this shows off the new way you can finish off the bosses you defeat in this game. If you walk up to him with a firearm, you can go into a small cutscene and a point-blank bullet will shot into the back of his head, execution style... or, with a melee weapon, knife, shiv, sword, anything you've obtained up to now, can be used to decapitate him.

At this point, the prisoners thank you, and the loot of the Keeper is yours, which includes random new weapons, like the AK-47, MP5 and Lee Enfield, and associated ammo.


The rewards include:
Weapons and created items you don't use.
Prisoners will give you money/weapons if you save them.
Some prisoners will be followers/will take up residence, letting you live in the prison with them.

Behind the scenes

Jailhouse Rock is a popular song by Elvis Presley.