The following entries can be found in multiple terminals in Fort Bannister in the Fallout 3 add-on Time and Tide.

Job Reports/Updates

Clear the Mall


Employer: Enclave
Mission: Clear the Mall for fuck knows what.
Misc. info: Possible super mutant behemoth, heavy mutant infestation, slaver presence in the area.
Job Status: Incomplete

Destroy the Regulators


Employer: N/A
Mission: Find the Regulator base and WRECK IT.
Misc. info: Believed to be masked as a brahmin farm, radscorpion/deathclaw threat nearby.
Job Status: Incomplete

Kill Reilly's Rangers


Employer: N/A
Mission: Find and kill Reilly's Rangers.
Misc. info: Reilly's Rangers are trapped on the Statesman, team sent.
Job Status: Hopefully complete.

Collect ears


Employer: Littlehorn (figure out more about this asshole)
Mission: Bring ears of white knights to Littlehorn for compensation.
Misc. info: Brotherhood of Steel patrols ripe for the picking, super mutant hostages also easy to kill.
Job Status: Under way.

Retrieve Tenpenny's treasure


Employer: Tenpenny
Mission: Go to Fort Constantine and retrieve his reward (in exchange of ours)
Misc. info: Robot threat alongside raiders (target practice).
Job Status: Team dispatched.

Personnel terminal

Recruiting tactics


Fellow Talon soldiers, we're out and about rather frequently, and people tend to either run or die, but those who stick around, here are some tips for having them stick around longer.
1. Recruit children and very poor people:
These people can both be indoctrinated fairly easily and forced to do whatever we please.
2. The promise of wealth:
Money floats a ton of peoples boats. You can usually get a lot of people to go with you if you promise they will be rich.
3. If all else fails, threaten their lives.
They'll forgive you soon enough once in on our operation. Do NOT hesitate to kill any who try to hurt you.

Once they're with you, here are some ideas for making them cold-blooded killers.
1. Have them kill any Talons who weasel out.
Every now and then, we get a weak stomached little shithead who just can't handle our line of work. If they want out, give them a lead checkout.
2. Have them kill innocents or white knights.
The more the merrier on this one!
3. Give them more money the worse things they do.
Soon, they won't even question what they do if they're rolling in caps.

Happy hunting, boys!

Commander Jabsco's terminal

Fort Bannister discovery


Hot DAMN this place had some ordnance! Tons of armor, tons of weapons, JACKPOT! Me and my crew, the Talons, we aren't doing our raiding and pillaging no more, we're going legit! The world can say hello to Talon Company!

"Jetting" Jabsco


There's been a joke around the base that because I don't fight no more, I'm "Jetting" Jabsco. I've made a nice new thing where any recruits who bring me names of people who say this get a reward of caps, and they get to kill the guy. So I exaggerate what I did in the Talons... so what, I didn't kill forty Brotherhood Paladins in one night? Big FUCKIN' woop! I'm the leader, and they listen.

Old Talons terminal

Old Olney raid


We hopped into town and killed the civilians, took their shit, pretty normal raid... one fucking problem. Our failure scouts obviously didn't notice Deathclaws beforehand, and Deathclaws got attracted to our gunfire. Now our executed scouts and around four Talons are dead. Fucking hell.

Canterbury Commons raid


One of our guys scouted out the place, said it looked pretty normal. Caravans came in and out like clockwork. Then, he saw the robots and the ants. After thinking he was on a jet-trip, he called it in. We decided not to raid the Commons.

Fort Bannister raid


There's robots all over this fucking joint. Some of our guys smarter with tech found out how to re-program robots to fight for us. We actually used a few sentry bots to clear out the building. No casualties on our side. For once, flawless.